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London is​ a​ year-round tourist centre. the​ advantage of​ going there in​ autumn and winter is​ the​ absence of​ crowds of​ sometimes too noisy and energetic tourists. London is​ one of​ world centres of​ everything – trade,​ fashion and finance. London is​ one of​ the​ favorite European travel destinations because it​ has a​ lot to​ offer. Best clubs,​ restaurants,​ shops and,​ of​ course,​ historic sights – all this attracts millions of​ visitors a​ year. the​ most famous attractions are Big Ben,​ Tower,​ Tower Bridge,​ St Paul's Cathedral and the​ historically rich Westminster Abbey. the​ city also boasts some of​ the​ world's greatest museums and art galleries. London is​ an​ ancient city whose history greets you​ at​ every turn. London is​ a​ museum itself. London is​ the​ capital of​ both the​ United Kingdom and of​ England,​ and is​ the​ largest European city. It’s situated on​ the​ River Thames and has an​ official population of​ 8 million people,​ although the​ figure of​ over 14 million is​ more correct. in​ November in​ London take place some interesting events. For example,​ Language Show – showcasing many of​ the​ different ways to​ learn - from evening classes and language schools to​ distance learning,​ self study courses,​ tapes,​ CDs and software. at​ the​ end of​ the​ month the​ 7th Disability Film Festival will take place at​ the​ NFT on​ London's South Bank. This fully accessible festival screening of​ the​ work of​ disabled film-makers and artists,​ serves both to​ promote the​ talent of​ disabled film-makers and to​ broaden cinema experiences for deaf and disabled film viewers. the​ festival also aims to​ provide educative opportunities for the​ non-disabled public,​ film-goers and the​ UK industry. There are workshops and debates attached to​ the​ screenings. Mental Health Today London is​ the​ national annual exhibition and seminar programme for everyone with an​ interest in​ mental health – whether you​ work in​ or​ use mental health services. it​ takes place on​ 2 November. From 11 November till 20 November – those are the​ days of​ music because London Jazz Festival comes to​ the​ city. the​ impressive program includes jazz giants McCoy Tyner,​ Charles Lloyd,​ and the​ World Saxophone Quartet.
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