Travelling Thailand 5 Top Destinations

With several sights to​ see and surprises to​ offer,​ Thailand could be one of​ the​ best locations you​ should not miss to​ visit. Culture,​ beaches,​ people,​ and heritage sites are some of​ the​ things you​ can expect when you​ travel to​ Thailand.

Bangkok – Traveling Thailand wound not be complete without visiting Bangkok. as​ the​ nation’s capital with an​ estimated population of​ over 10 million (including the​ neighboring provinces),​ this city is​ by far the​ largest in​ the​ country. the​ city is​ divided into 50 districts or​ khet but for tourists and those who are new in​ the​ place,​ 6 divisions would be more useful. These are Ratchadaphisek in​ the​ northeast section of​ the​ city,​ Sukhamvit in​ the​ southeast,​ Silom in​ the​ south,​ Thonburi in​ the​ west,​ Rattanakosin in​ the​ central north,​ and Phahanyothin in​ the​ north. the​ whole Bangkok district would give you​ a​ diverse taste of​ culture,​ history,​ religion,​ modernity,​ and fast-phase life. you​ can actually witness how all these blend together to​ comprise the​ whole Bangkok package. Buddhist temples,​ historical museums,​ towering buildings,​ contemporary restaurants and hotels,​ shopping centers,​ canals and rivers,​ and food make Bangkok a​ one of​ a​ kind city in​ Southeast Asia.

Phuket – Down south,​ Phuket features magnificent beaches,​ tropical sunsets,​ white sands,​ blue seas,​ and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder it​ is​ the​ most popular vacation destination in​ Asia beating every beaches of​ the​ neighboring countries. it​ has several beaches like Kata Beach,​ Karon Beach,​ Patong Beach,​ Kamala Beach,​ and Surin Beach. the​ island showcases several water sports and activities including parasailing,​ jet-skiing,​ and scuba diving. By day,​ Phuket is​ alive with beachgoers and shoppers and by night,​ lights,​ sounds,​ and party people dominate the​ whole island.

Chiang Mai – the​ second largest city in​ Thailand with an​ estimated population of​ more than 200,​000. This city located in​ the​ northern part of​ the​ country offers greener and quieter city. Chiang Mai’s tourism is​ becoming more and more popular and permanently settling at​ this city is​ very common. When you​ travel Thailand and visit Chiang Mai,​ you​ surely would want to​ see museums such as​ Hilltribe Research Institute Museum and the​ Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center. With religion and history enriching the​ city,​ you​ can see several Buddhist temples such as​ Wat Chiang Mun,​ Wat Chiang Mun,​ Wat Phra Singh,​ Wat Oo-Mong,​ Wat Phra Jao Mengrai,​ Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep,​ and Wat Chedi Luang. the​ oldest temple dates back in​ the​ 11th century. Chiang Mai features attractions such as​ Chiang Mai Flower Festival in​ February,​ Bo Sang Umbrella & Sankampang Handicrafts Festival in​ January,​ the​ 2nd Orchid Fair also in​ January,​ and the​ Loi Krathong Festival usually falls in​ November.

Pattaya – Located 150 km. north of​ Bangkok,​ Pattaya is​ one of​ the​ most popular tourist destinations,​ which offers great beaches,​ beer and go-go bars,​ and a​ wide array of​ sport activities. Visit Pattaya when you​ travel Thailand is​ a​ must. Although it​ is​ the​ most overdeveloped part of​ the​ country in​ terms of​ tourism,​ prices in​ Pattaya still remains with reach. in​ fact,​ prices of​ foods,​ accommodation,​ and transportations are very affordable.

Krabi – in​ a​ small province of​ Krabi lies a​ small town with the​ same name. Paying a​ visit Krabi town when you​ travel Thailand is​ worth the​ time. Located south of​ Bangkok near Phuket and Phi Phi island,​ the​ town features great beaches along with high end hotels and not so expensive hotel that cater tourists of​ different classes.
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