Travelling Is Easier With A Pda And A Bluetooth Receiver

Traveling is​ always easier if​ you​ take as​ little with you​ as​ humanly possible. It’s always the​ intention while traveling to​ carry only to​ what is​ most necessary. This is​ not always an​ obtainable goal,​ especially when you​ are venturing into parts unknown. in​ addition to​ the​ usual essentials,​ a​ sizable map and navigational equipment become necessary.

With the​ unveiling of​ GPS technology,​ traveling with maps and huge navigational devices becomes unneeded; a​ traveler need only carry a​ GPS receiver. a​ GPS receiver determines one’s exact position on​ earth by deciphering the​ information it​ receives from GPS satellites. With the​ assistance of​ other electronic devices,​ the​ GPS receiver will precisely determine your correct location on​ a​ map.

For even more even more functions and ease of​ use,​ GPS receivers can be used with other mobile devices. the​ PDA is​ one of​ the​ most frequently used mobile products for this purpose. PDAs make the​ perfect partner to​ the​ GPS receiver because of​ their unique features,​ such as​ a​ colored screen to​ display maps and hard drive space for map storage. And PDAs are light compared to​ other mobile devices such as​ notebook computers.

There is​ a​ problem with using a​ PDA with a​ GPS device,​ however. They do not always integrate well. GPS receivers are normally connected to​ PDAs using a​ CompactFlash (CF) card or​ USB wires. Because some GPS receivers are quite large,​ attaching it​ to​ your PDA using CF can make it​ too large. Using the​ USB wires,​ however,​ can make your GPS receiver difficult to​ use and limit its usefulness.

So what could be the​ solution to​ this problem? a​ Bluetooth GPS reciver.

The Bluetooth Solution

Bluetooth wireless technology is​ the​ open standard for wireless communication. as​ long as​ the​ two electronic devices are with 10 meters of​ each other,​ Bluetooth technology will allow them to​ send and receive signals and transfer data. No wires are necessary.

Bluetooth GPS Recevier

The Bluetooth GPS receiver is​ simply a​ receiver that uses the​ Bluetooth technology and electronics to​ transmit GPS data to​ a​ mobile device. However,​ they must share the​ same technology. For example,​ if​ a​ Bluetooth GPS receiver will be used with a​ PDA,​ the​ PDA must have built-in Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth GPS receivers used with the​ Bluetooth capable PDAs offer many advantages over an​ ordinary GPS unit,​ which is​ connected to​ the​ PDA using CompactFlash or​ USB wires. These advantages include the​ ability to​ use wireless connections between the​ devices. Without wires to​ limit positioning between the​ Bluetooth GPS receiver and the​ PDA,​ you​ can place the​ two devices at​ their most advantageous locations. For example,​ if​ you​ are using your Bluetooth GPS receiver in​ your car,​ you​ can place the​ device where it​ has a​ clear view of​ the​ sky. Then you​ can place your PDA on​ your dashboard and have optimum screen visibility. Because the​ wires are not used to​ connect the​ two devices,​ their positioning will not hamper your driving. Also,​ because you​ won’t need to​ use Bluetooth’s CompactFlash slot,​ you​ can use it​ for other things,​ such as​ storing maps or​ software to​ optimize the​ GPS navigation.

Aside from these two advantages,​ the​ Bluetooth GPS receiver units have other features,​ although most of​ them are brand or​ unit specific. Generally,​ Bluetooth GPS receiver units now have pre-stored US maps,​ point-of-interest (POI databases and route recalculation functions.
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