Travelling Beyond The Algarve Reveals The Real Portugal

The Algarve is​ atypical sun and sand holiday destination attracting tens of​ thousands of​ Europeans every summer. Although the​ region has much to​ offer both the​ package holiday maker,​ independent traveller and,​ of​ course,​ golfer,​ many visitors to​ Portugal fail to​ get beyond the​ trappings of​ the​ holiday resorts and sample the​ real Portugal.

Outside of​ the​ Algarve,​ Portugal has a​ long and illustrious history. an​ independent nation since 1143,​ Portugal is​ one of​ the​ oldest nations in​ Europe and it’s location on​ the​ Atlantic coast of​ the​ Iberian Peninsula dictates a​ long history of​ sea faring and discovery. a​ vast monumental and cultural legacy has been left for modern visitors to​ enjoy. the​ tourist information site gives an​ interesting and informative overview of​ the​ cultural and historic attractions of​ the​ country as​ well as​ useful guides to​ the​ regions and cities of​ Portugal ( ).

The capital city,​ Lisbon,​ is​ an​ ideal location for a​ short break and is​ rapidly gaining a​ reputation as​ such. a​ thriving and bustling mix of​ the​ old and new,​ Lisbon retains a​ respect for its historic past whilst offering the​ visitor the​ attractions and amenities that could be expected of​ a​ main European city. the​ city is​ dominated by the​ old port area – the​ departure point for explorers such as​ Magellan – and recent regeneration of​ the​ area is​ sympathetic and impressive. Lisbon comes to​ life at​ night as​ the​ locals descend on​ the​ pavement restaurants and bars creating a​ relaxed,​ sociable and informal atmosphere.

Further North and the​ impressive,​ World Heritage status city of​ Porto can be found. the​ city,​ of​ course,​ lends its’ name to​ the​ world famous variety of​ wine but the​ city’s baroque and Romanesque architecture leave a​ lasting and perhaps not as​ regrettable impression. Although the​ Algarve signs to​ mind when you​ mention beaches and Portugal,​ the​ coastal region of​ Minho,​ to​ the​ north of​ Porto have perhaps the​ most stunning beaches in​ the​ country. the​ area has some resorts,​ but these are quieter and smaller in​ scale to​ their southern counterparts and offer a​ quieter,​ perhaps more relaxed beach holiday than the​ Algarve.

Travelling to​ Portugal via,​ Lisbon,​ Porto or​ Faro is​ relatively easy from the​ UK with most operators offering direct flights from a​ range of​ UK airports. Internal flights are relatively inexpensive and the​ rail system is​ cheap and efficient. Portugal is​ a​ relatively small country and is​ negotiable by road for those looking to​ traverse wide areas. Car rental in​ Portugal is​ abundant – especially in​ Lisbon and Porto and most of​ the​ major car hire firms offer one way or​ return car hire in​ Portugal ( ).

The Algarve is​ an​ ideal family holiday destination and has many charms but Portugal as​ a​ country has much more to​ offer for those willing to​ explore a​ little further.
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