Travellers Journal Snowdonia National Park Day 4

For the​ first time this week Llanberis awoke bathed in​ sunshine. the​ gorgeous weather had stirred more than most from their beds at​ the​ Royal Victoria Hotel. the​ breakfast room was buzzing with activity.

Despite my early start I still could not catch a​ seat in​ the​ conservatory and the​ magnificent views of​ the​ village. Once more I took my table with the​ four walls for company and tucked into some hearty cereals. I skipped the​ traditional English breakfast. Though nice,​ it​ can get a​ little tedious day after day.

After breakfast I decided to​ explore the​ hotel grounds. the​ hotel sits amongst 30 acres of​ woodland before backing into Padarn Country Park. Kitted and booted I made my way to​ the​ back of​ the​ car park and picked up the​ trail into the​ woods.

The earlier rain had made ground slippy underfoot; puddles of​ mud were everywhere making progress a​ little tricky. a​ narrow path led from the​ car park and climbed gently until sounds of​ the​ cars along the​ main road were all but inaudible.

The only noise was the​ songs of​ birds dancing in​ the​ trees and scurrying in​ the​ undergrowth searching for grubs. a​ rushing river could be heard faintly in​ the​ distance whilst the​ suns rays penetrated the​ branches overhead illuminating the​ foliage around me.

I soon came to​ a​ small fence which I scaled with ease. Once past the​ fence the​ land began to​ open up more. Dolbadarn Castle was now visible at​ the​ top of​ the​ hill. the​ castle ruins date back to​ the​ thirteenth century.

Most of​ the​ building has crumbled away over time. All that remains now is​ the​ castle keep and what's left of​ the​ old castle walls. But she remains a​ grand sight and I made my way up the​ winding path to​ the​ entrance of​ the​ keep.

The narrow spiral staircase was remarkably well preserved and I began the​ careful ascent to​ the​ top. the​ tight twisting steps felt uncomfortable to​ climb. you​ find yourself leaning forward and palming the​ steps at​ head height to​ help maintain your balance. I would imagine in​ wet weather it​ becoming treacherous underfoot.

You reach the​ top just grateful to​ still be in​ one piece,​ but what a​ magnificent view. Peering through the​ narrow slit opening the​ beauty of​ lake Lynn Padarn fills your view,​ bordered by the​ magnificent Snowdonia mountains. it​ makes it​ all worthwhile.
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