Travellers Journal Snowdonia National Park Day 1

The road branched right into a​ trail named on​ the​ map as​ Llanberis Pass. in​ my experience anything labelled as​ a​ Pass meant spectacular scenery and a​ tinge of​ excitement stirred within me.

What began as​ a​ gentle shower was now a​ torrential downpour. as​ I progressed through the​ valley the​ walls rose steeply and threatened to​ engulf me. at​ one point they rise almost vertically to​ nearly two thousand feet. It's easy to​ find a​ sense of​ claustrophobia surrounded by these imposing mountainous peaks.

The lashing rain makes for a​ spectacular series of​ cascades running down the​ mountain sides. From the​ hidden peaks submerged amongst the​ clouds,​ a​ flood of​ rainwater is​ the​ catalyst for yet another waterfall to​ tumble to​ the​ valley floor.

Like veins,​ the​ streams divide as​ they plummet,​ sometimes splitting into as​ many as​ half a​ dozen separate falls before they hit the​ road. They are the​ lifeblood of​ the​ valley,​ nourishing the​ foliage before a​ burst of​ bloom brings a​ wonderful array of​ vibrant colour.

The road continued to​ snake its way through the​ gorge. Pretty little cottages were spread intermittently; their slight build looked insignificant against the​ mountainous backdrop.

But they were homes and I began to​ realise that people actually lived in​ this dramatic environment. it​ must be such a​ wonderful contrast to​ the​ trials and tribulations of​ modern city life. Far from the​ din of​ today's world,​ to​ hear just the​ sounds of​ songbirds must be music to​ the​ ears.

But for now the​ only music I heard was the​ drumming rain on​ the​ car's roof and I was eager to​ reach my hotel in​ the​ village of​ Llanberis before the​ conditions got any worse.

The ramblers were conspicuous by their absence; despite the​ weather you​ normally see one or​ two brave souls taking their chances on​ the​ wild terrain. it​ appeared that today they had come to​ their senses.

The beautiful fragrance of​ freshly cut grass was in​ the​ air. Someone had been busy. the​ aroma took me back to​ my youth and lazy afternoons in​ the​ school playing fields.

During the​ English summer heat wave of​ 1977 our teacher would conduct afternoon lessons out amongst the​ cool breeze on​ the​ playing fields to​ escape the​ stifling heat of​ the​ classroom. it​ always seemed a​ lot less stressful sat on​ the​ grass in​ the​ shade of​ a​ large tree and sparrows swooping above our heads.

Through the​ misty windscreen and torrential rain the​ imposing valley walls retreated and the​ village of​ Llanberis came into view. as​ the​ road swept round to​ the​ right my hotel revealed itself. Immediately my thoughts turned to​ sleep.
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