Traveling With Your Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are a​ great way for people suffering from limited mobility get around. Many people who use the​ scooters in​ place of​ a​ wheelchair. Motility scooters can be three or​ four wheeled and are great for going short distances. Some of​ them are designed to​ fold up into a​ compact space if​ the​ scooter's owner has to​ take a​ long trip.

Travel or​ portable electric scooters are designed in​ such a​ manner that they can easily be paced in​ cars trucks. Because most people who use them are only capable of​ walking short distances,​ getting back into the​ scooter is​ not a​ problem as​ long as​ the​ they have someone else come along to​ take their scooter out of​ a​ car trunk.

Some electric scooters can travel up to​ 25 miles on​ a​ battery charge,​ but electric scooters are not intended for long trips. Special accommodations may have to​ be made for a​ person's electric scooter if​ a​ longer trip is​ planned.

The electric battery and slightly faster than walking pace of​ electric scooters,​ makes scooters ideal for short trips around town. if​ the​ owner does not plan on​ going more than one or​ two miles,​ electric scooters can easily handle this range. a​ rider who wishes to​ take their scooter on​ the​ road should check local laws and regulations first. Electric scooters must meet certain requirements to​ be street legal.
Unlike gasoline powered scooters,​ which are just a​ different form of​ motorcycle,​ electric scooters travel at​ speeds only slightly faster than a​ normal walking pace. (The purpose is​ not to​ provide fast transportation,​ merely to​ provide transportation to​ people who cannot walk more than fifty feet or​ so.)

A person using a​ electric scooter to​ do in-town trips does not need to​ do a​ lot of​ planning as​ long as​ he or​ she keeps the​ scooter's battery charged. Trips of​ more than two miles require more forethought and a​ place to​ store the​ scooter when it​ is​ not in​ use. if​ for some reason the​ scooter cannot travel with its owner to​ a​ shopping trip,​ many malls,​ department and grocery stores make electric scooters available to​ their customers.

Portable or​ electric scooters are specifically designed to​ fold up and be placed in​ the​ trunk of​ a​ car,​ but even basic three wheel scooter designs give some thought for an​ owner's need to​ take them farther than a​ single battery charge can take the​ scooter. Most car trunks can accommodate larger packages without a​ problem,​ but it​ is​ best to​ check with bus,​ train or​ airline companies first before buying tickets for a​ trip to​ see what policies they have in​ place for making sure a​ portable electric scooter arrives at​ the​ same destination as​ a​ passenger.
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