Traveling With Pets On Airlines

People going on​ long vacations are often worried about leaving their pets alone. Well,​ if​ you​ love your pets like other members of​ your family,​ why not take your beloved pet with you? Traveling with pets can make your vacation much more exciting and it​ is​ a​ wonderful opportunity to​ strengthen your relationship with your pet. Pets tend to​ feel neglected when left alone and often develop inappropriate behaviors when they are left at​ home. Nowadays,​ traveling with your pets has become easier and widely acceptable,​ especially on​ airlines. However,​ this requires careful planning and advance bookings as​ most of​ the​ airlines allow a​ maximum of​ seven pets on​ a​ single flight.

There are multiple travel options available with airlines to​ make sure your pets reach the​ destination safely and easily. For example Delta Airlines gives you​ the​ advantage of​ making your pet travel as​ carry-on baggage,​ checked baggage,​ or​ air cargo. Continental airlines also provide the​ similar options. as​ a​ safety measure check out the​ government regulations as​ you​ may be required to​ take a​ health certificate and proofs of​ vaccination too. it​ always ideal to​ select non-stop flights and travel during early morning or​ late at​ night when the​ temperatures are comfortable.

It's important to​ check out what kind of​ pets are allowed to​ travel. For Example cats and dogs are the​ only types of​ pets accepted for travel on​ American Airlines whereas Delta Airlines allows pets such as​ dogs,​ cats,​ birds,​ ferrets,​ rabbits,​ hamsters and guinea pigs to​ travel in​ the​ same cabin you​ are traveling in​ . However,​ the​ passengers traveling with these airlines are have to​ make prior arrangements for taking the​ pets along. Another important point before making the​ reservation is​ to​ check for the​ destinations where you​ can travel with your pets and its equally important to​ ask for kennel dimensions to​ make your pet easily fit under the​ seatt in​ front of​ you.

On the​ day of​ the​ flight,​ it​ is​ advisable that you​ do not feed your pet at​ least six hours before the​ flight to​ avoid motion sickness. Take away the​ water one hour before departure. Moreover,​ do not put food or​ water in​ the​ carrier as​ it​ may spill and create a​ mess. Most importantly do not ever use a​ tranquilizer before departure. Consult your veterinarian before giving any such medication and if​ desired,​ use the​ drugs recommended in​ the​ prescription.

Lastly,​ pets should have proper identification. the​ dog tag should bear the​ owner's name,​ address,​ phone number and the​ name of​ the​ dog. For more advice and information,​ visit the​ Travel Buzz forum on​ to​ get tips and advice on​ traveling with pets from the​ real life travelers.
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