Traveling With The Little Ones

My wife and I take frequent trips with our daughters across the​ country. the​ oldest is​ currently seven and the​ youngest just turned three. Needless to​ say it​ has been an​ adventure and learning process on​ every trip that we have ever taken.

The seven year old has been to​ Vail colorado snow skiing. Germany on​ a​ weeklong siteseeing tour,​ and of​ course to​ the​ children's mecca Walt-Disney World in​ Orlando,​ twice. She is​ an​ experienced traveller in​ every sense of​ the​ word. She knows the​ airport shuffle as​ well as​ the​ in's and out's of​ custom's and cabs.

Now the​ three year old is​ a​ totally different story. Since her arrival the​ budget has been more limited. Therefore her experience is​ listed to​ the​ standard beach week,​ trip to​ visit relatives in​ Houston,​ and of​ course Disney World. She is​ less acclimated and has a​ lesser temperment for spending times in​ planes,​ trains,​ and automobiles. She is​ a​ squirmer to​ say the​ least.

Now making a​ roadtrip with both of​ these diverse individuals takes planning and intent on​ my wife and I's part. We have to​ plan our stops and the​ total travel time that we are going to​ experience. We must avoid the​ naptime for changes of​ venues. No airlines from 1:00 to​ 3:00 as​ the​ three year old is​ sleeping during this time.

We must plan to​ have adequate restroom breaks and stop to​ take them even when all is​ proclaimed to​ be well by the​ vehicles inhabitants. a​ three year old can turn in​ a​ minute from not needing to​ use to​ the​ bathroom to​ having a​ full emergency.

Speaking of​ an​ emergency,​ during our trip to​ Vail,​ and snowskiing. My daughter came down with an​ ear ache. So when you​ are traveling make sure that you​ always carry adequate medical information with you. We had to​ call my daughters doctor at​ home to​ fax her records to​ the​ doctor in​ Vail. This delayed a​ full day of​ skiing for my daughter as​ well as​ us while we waited on​ the​ documents.

While taking a​ long car trip to​ visit relatives in​ Mississipi my three year old who was at​ the​ time two,​ decided that a​ crying fit was in​ order. She screamed all the​ way to​ the​ Mercede's museum. We took about a​ two hour break and walked around siteseeing,​ the​ whole time she was just glad to​ be out of​ the​ car seat. While it​ is​ not a​ problem for adults to​ sit for hours on​ end,​ two and three year olds need adequate playtime to​ exercise their legs.

So in​ short when planning to​ travel with little ones always plan time to​ take stops. Make sure that you​ have adequate documentation,​ and have great humor in​ the​ situations that arise.

Charles Cater
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