Traveling With A Bump And Or Small Children

Traveling pregnant is​ just a​ warm-up exercise for your life for the​ next few years. It's a​ peek into your future living with a​ 2- to​ five year old. You'll know the​ location of​ every restroom along your route! Then there's the​ moodiness - being bothered by everything,​ including but not limited to​ whining,​ crankiness,​ and cravings. And is​ there ever room for all the​ stuff you​ have to​ carry,​ much less for the​ actual people in​ the​ car?

Seriously - if​ you​ must travel during a​ pregnancy,​ try to​ do it​ during the​ second trimester,​ when you're beyond the​ discomfort of​ the​ first,​ but before you've grown huge in​ those final weeks close to​ the​ baby's due date. Make sure there is​ enough room to​ be comfortable in​ the​ passenger seats,​ especially if​ you​ will be driving. This is​ the​ one time in​ your life that an​ upgraded rental model will be worth every penny of​ the​ expense! Use common sense - you​ need to​ see the​ family,​ but be smart. you​ might be thinking "it's my last chance to​ go without kids!" But it's best to​ play it​ safe. Plan a​ less - rather than more - ambitious trip. Keep your medical information readily at​ hand,​ find out where the​ local hospitals are along your route,​ and stay out of​ dangerous areas.

Pack lots of​ extra snacks - finger foods and small drink containers. Experience tells me to​ suggest water as​ the​ beverage of​ choice - it​ tastes the​ same whether it's warm or​ cold,​ and it​ doesn't spoil. if​ it​ spills (and it​ will!) water doesn't stain or​ leave a​ sticky smelly residue that requires an​ immediate roadside stop for a​ complete change of​ clothes. you​ can even use a​ splash of​ it​ to​ clean up little messes as​ they occur. (You do have plenty of​ paper towels or​ tissues in​ the​ car,​ don't you?!?)

Snacks? Cheerios (the original kind) are every mom's best friend -they aren't sticky or​ too sweet (inviting nausea) and they aren't so salty that they need to​ be washed down with lots of​ liquid (necessitating more potty pitstops). Even little children can "gum" Cheerios into mush and you​ won't worry constantly about choking hazards. Sharing? Don't count on​ it! Everybody gets their own stash. Vacuum the​ car daily....there will be crumbs everywhere! GET OUT of​ the​ CAR for meals - everyone needs to​ stretch occasionally for comfort and safety,​ and you​ need some civilization as​ you​ dine,​ even if​ it's just fast food burgers.

Remember,​ too,​ that your pregnant self might recoil in​ horror from things that other people might find perfectly pleasant. This is​ especially true in​ the​ early stages of​ pregnancy. When my wife was ten weeks pregnant with our first child,​ we traveled to​ Florida in​ early February for a​ vacation to​ see relatives and the​ Super Bowl. We were eating sushi that came by on​ platter after platter (no raw fish,​ not that I was exactly craving it) when she began to​ get sick. After that,​ everything related to​ the​ sea - water,​ waves,​ you​ name it​ - made her nauseous. to​ say the​ least she was not happy. What a​ trip that turned out to​ be!

My expectant son and daughter-in-law went to​ San Francisco and to​ Lake Tahoe afterward. They made a​ huge mistake driving to​ Napa Valley - they passed miles of​ "fragrant" cattle ranches that left her gagging and in​ tears. Every mother has gone through similar situations.

Traveling with a​ toddler when you're expecting another baby is​ horrible. Our advice is: "Don't. it​ will just be exhausting." Unless you​ absolutely must do it,​ don't. My vice president's wife said to​ me one day,​ "Did you​ ever notice how helpful strangers can be when you're pregnant - 'Oh,​ let me get that door for you!' - versus how unhelpful they are when you're pregnant and have a​ child?" She will never forget staggering to​ the​ back of​ an​ airplane with a​ diaper bag swinging from her shoulder,​ trying not to​ whack anybody,​ while holding her tiny daughter's hand and wrestling a​ huge car seat that didn't fit front-ways in​ the​ aisle,​. the​ other passengers and those wonderful flight attendants just watched!
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