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If there is​ one word that best captures Singapore,​ it​ is​ “unique”. a​ dynamic city rich in​ contrast and color,​ you'll find a​ harmonious blend of​ culture,​ cuisine,​ arts and architecture here. Brimming with unbridled energy,​ this little dynamo in​ Southeast Asia embodies the​ finest of​ both East and West. the​ Muslim centre of​ Singapore is​ a​ traditional textile district,​ full of​ batiks from Indonesia,​ silks,​ sarongs and shirts. Add to​ this mix rosaries,​ flower essences,​ hajj caps,​ songkok hats,​ basketware and rattan goods,​ and you​ have a​ fair idea of​ the​ products haggled over in​ this part of​ the​ city.

The grand Sultan Mosque is​ the​ biggest and liveliest mosque in​ Singapore,​ but the​ tiny Malabar Muslim Jama-ath Mosque is​ the​ most beautiful. There's fine Indian Muslim food along nearby North Bridge Rd and the​ foodstalls on​ Bussorah St are especially atmospheric at​ dusk during Ramadan.

Orchard Road
For shopping,​ Orchard Road is​ the​ ideal place to​ spend a​ day there. the​ bustling shopping centres sells everything from the​ most fashionable and outrageous shoes and clothes to​ precious gems,​ eyewear and accessories. And when the​ shopping gets a​ little exhausting,​ revitalize yourself at​ one of​ the​ many restaurants and eating outlets.

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