Traveling To Mexico Be Sure To Understand The New Travel Requirements

Making plans to​ travel to​ Mexico this year? is​ a​ Mexico family vacation in​ your future,​ or​ are you​ looking to​ take a​ little time for rest and relaxation on​ the​ sandy white beaches of​ Cancun or​ Puerto Vallarta? Well,​ your timing is​ right. it​ promises to​ be another fantastic year south of​ the​ border for all of​ the​ major Mexico resort hot spots! in​ fact,​ 16 million Americans will probably visit Mexico this year.

Be sure you​ are prepared before you​ travel,​ as​ there have been some new requirements issued by the​ U.S. State Department. Although it’s a​ minor change from prior travel requirements,​ it​ affects all U.S. citizens entering the​ United States from countries within the​ Western Hemisphere who do not currently possess valid passports. Essentially,​ all that is​ required is​ a​ passport,​ which most frequent travelers have anyway. the​ goal? to​ make it​ safer for you​ and to​ strengthen United States border security.

Here are some important facts you​ should know:

• the​ Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of​ 2004 requires that by January 1,​ 2008,​ travelers to​ and from the​ Caribbean,​ Bermuda,​ Panama,​ Mexico and Canada have a​ passport or​ other secure,​ accepted document to​ enter or​ re-enter the​ United States.

• in​ the​ proposed implementation plan,​ which is​ subject to​ a​ period of​ initial public comment,​ the​ Initiative will be rolled out in​ phases,​ providing as​ much advance notice as​ possible to​ the​ affected public to​ enable them to​ meet the​ terms of​ the​ new guidelines.

• the​ proposed timeline will be as​ follows:

o December 31,​ 2018 - Requirement applied to​ all air and sea travel to​ or​ from Canada,​ Mexico,​ Central and South America,​ the​ Caribbean,​ and Bermuda.

o December 31,​ 2018 - Requirement extended to​ all land border crossings as​ well as​ air and sea travel.

The Easy Way to​ get a​ Passport

First,​ when applying for a​ passport,​ make sure you​ allow enough time! it​ typically takes 6 weeks to​ process a​ passport application. Where can you​ apply for a​ passport? the​ State Department provides a​ handy search tool to​ help you​ find the​ Passport Acceptance Facility nearest you. What’s the​ busiest time for passport processing? Usually between January and July. of​ course,​ if​ you​ have an​ emergency and need to​ travel to​ Mexico right away,​ the​ State Dept does offer some options. Go to​ their website at​,​ or​ call the​ U.S. National Passport Information Center: 1-877-4USA-PPT

Additional Tips for Travel to​ Mexico

• Be sure to​ leave your travel itinerary and passport information with a​ friend or​ relative in​ case the​ originals are lost. it​ can also be helpful to​ carry a​ copy of​ your travel documents with you​ in​ a​ separate location from the​ originals.

• Avoid traveling with large amounts of​ cash. Credit cards are widely accepted and most areas visited by tourist will have an​ ATM machine. These are great options because they are safe,​ convenient and you​ get a​ favorable exchange rate. Another option is​ to​ use traveler’s checks.

• Using a​ fanny pack or​ travelers wallet for your cash and passport is​ a​ great idea.

• While they are making great strides in​ improving the​ water quality throughout Mexico,​ it​ is​ advisable to​ drink bottled water. in​ addition,​ avoid drinking beverages over ice as​ the​ ice may have been made from tap water.

• Wash vegetables and fruits in​ a​ purifying solution of​ some type.

• Before leaving,​ check with your health insurance provider so that you​ are aware of​ your coverage.

• if​ you​ are planning to​ drive over the​ border be sure to​ obtain a​ temporary import permit and all the​ necessary insurance.

So now that you’ve been informed,​ what are you​ waiting for? Mexico is​ a​ land of​ incredible beauty and natural wonder! Whether you’re going to​ sunny Cancun,​ festive Acapulco,​ or​ even Puerto Vallarta,​ your perfect Mexican vacation getaway is​ just a​ flight away!
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