Traveling To Hawaii By Air

Hawaii is​ one of​ the​ most popular tourist destinations in​ America. With its beautiful beaches,​ friendly restaurants and unique aquatic life,​ the​ Hawaiian Islands attract scuba divers,​ tourists,​ and some people who even consider living there. Although Hawaii attracts many people,​ it​ still maintains its natural beauty. There are so many tourist spots in​ Hawaii. Popular spots include; Pearl Harbor,​ the​ active volcanoes,​ and the​ beautiful beaches.

Most of​ the​ visitors that travel to​ Hawaii arrive by air,​ this is​ because you​ can't drive to​ go there and cruises take a​ long time. the​ major airlines that travels to​ Hawaii are: United Airlines,​ Air Canada,​ Aloha Airlines and Island Air,​ American Airlines,​ Delta Airlines,​ Hawaiian Airlines,​ Japan Airlines,​ Northwest Airlines and Quantas Airways. There are also limited or​ no ferry services between the​ islands,​ so if​ you​ plan on​ visiting more than one island you​ should consider flying to​ each of​ them.

This leaves you​ a​ lot of​ choices of​ airlines that appeal to​ you. Since Hawaii is​ a​ major tourist destination,​ you​ should expect international airports to​ be crowded and long lines in​ airports the​ whole year round.

The two major airlines that offer island hopping services are Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines. These airlines usually offer cheap tickets and tour packages that allow you​ to​ visit some or​ all of​ the​ major islands. you​ can also book your ticket with a​ travel agent,​ however,​ when you’re already in​ Hawaii,​ you​ can get airline tickets from their local 7-Eleven stores and even from ATM’s.

Aloha Airlines offer packages like the​ Seven-Day Island Pass. This travel package provides you​ unlimited air travel for seven days. This package is​ designed to​ allow visitors to​ go visit some or​ all the​ islands in​ a​ limited period of​ time. This means that during the​ seven-day trip,​ visitors who purchased this package can book any number of​ reservations to​ all the​ destinations offered by Aloha Airlines and its sister company,​ Island Air.

Here are some tips when you​ travel to​ Hawaii:

Planning your Trip

• Book early to​ get the​ best deal available. you​ can either call the​ airline or​ book online.
• Booking early also means you​ can get the​ best seats possible.
• if​ possible,​ fly on​ weekdays to​ get cheap tickets.
• if​ you​ have enough frequent flier miles,​ use them when going to​ Hawaii to​ save you​ a​ lot of​ money. you​ can also use this for inter-island flights.

There are six major islands in​ Hawaii (Big Island,​ Kauai,​ Lanai,​ Maui,​ Oahu,​ and Molokai). you​ should choose which island you​ will enjoy most visiting.

The Big Island

This island is​ the​ largest of​ all the​ Hawaiian Islands. Aside from the​ beautiful beaches,​ the​ big island offers a​ wide variety of​ tourist attractions:

• Onizuda Space Center
• Kona Historical Society Museum
• Puna Region to​ see lava flow into the​ sea from Mt. Kilauea

The state capitol and the​ biggest city in​ Hawaii is​ located in​ this island.

• Waimea Falls
• Polynesian Cultural Center
• Banzai Pipeline
• Puu O’Mahuka Helau
• Sunset Beach Park
• Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park
• USS Arizona Memorial
• Makapuu Lighthouse


This island is​ also called the​ Valley Isle. it​ is​ divided by remnants of​ two volcanoes and each side has its own unique attractions. Tourist spots include:

• Haleakala Volcano
• Skyline Trail
• Iao Valley
• Maalaea
• Olowafu


Also known as​ the​ Garden Island,​ this island is​ home to​ beautiful mountains,​ waterfalls,​ and tropical rainforests. Tourist spots include:

• Kee Beach State Park
• Kalalau Trail
• NaPali Cliffs


This island is​ the​ least developed of​ the​ Hawaiian Islands. Visiting this island offers the​ purest experience in​ Hawaiian culture. Tourist destinations include:

• Garden of​ the​ Gods
• Shipwreck Beach
• Luahiwa Petroglyph Field
• Manale Bay Beach
• Polihua Beach

Molokai Island

Molokai is​ also underdeveloped like Lanai. This island also offers traditional Hawaiian culture,​ least crowded beaches,​ waterfalls,​ and tropical rainforests.

• Kepuhi Beach
• Papohaku Beach
• One Alii Beach Park

There are so many places to​ visit in​ Hawaii. it​ is​ recommended that when you​ do visit the​ islands,​ you​ should have enough time to​ visit some or​ all of​ the​ islands in​ the​ group.
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