Traveling To The Florida Keys

When you​ think about the​ Florida Keys,​ you​ might think about Key Largo and Key West,​ which are all part of​ the​ Florida Keys. Now,​ if​ you​ are wondering which one you​ want to​ visit on​ your vacation,​ then take a​ look at​ what they both have and also the​ different things they both can offer on​ your visit.

Key West and Key Largo are somewhat similar in​ their own ways. you​ can experience about the​ same activities but each activity may offer different things. Key West and Key Largo both offer:

• Diving and snorkeling with the​ wonderful underwater creatures of​ the​ waters.
• Windsurfing and getting that great rush of​ being daring.
• Fishing in​ the​ clear blue waters.
• Tours of​ wildlife and scenery tours.
• Both have great restaurants for families.
• Both have hotels that fit any type of​ vacation.
• Both have exotic animals for your kids to​ see and learn more about.
• Great Museums to​ visit.
• Wonderful Theater Shows for the​ family to​ enjoy

These are the​ many things Keys West and Key Largo have to​ offer and some are a​ bit different as​ you​ can see.

Key West has diving and snorkeling to​ view the​ wonderful underwater creatures never seen before,​ but if​ you​ want to​ get more out of​ diving and snorkeling,​ then Key Largo offers their underwater shipwrecks and underwater statues from hundred of​ years ago that are now home to​ thousands of​ different underwater creatures.

Windsurfing in​ either Key West or​ Key Largo is​ about the​ same. you​ get the​ same experience from both places,​ but only the​ view may be different in​ each part of​ the​ Keys.

Key West is​ more of​ a​ popular place for fly-fishing or​ hook and line fishing. Key West hosts some of​ today’s biggest fishing tournaments. Key Largo has waters that are protected from fishing,​ but do have great spots for fishing,​ as​ well.

Both Key Largo and Key West have some of​ the​ greatest hotels and restaurants around. Doesn’t matter what type of​ vacation your on,​ they both have what your looking for,​ if​ it’s a​ romantic dinner,​ wild party,​ or​ just a​ family night out.

Key Largo and Key West both offer places to​ visit the​ exotic wildlife of​ the​ Keys. Key Largo and Key West both have places where you​ can swim with the​ dolphins or​ take tours out in​ the​ wild to​ view the​ wonderful life of​ the​ wild animals.

Key Largo and Key West both offer the​ same things,​ but each thing in​ each place is​ different. So maybe,​ it​ might be best to​ visit both places,​ but if​ you​ are looking to​ visit only one place,​ then its going to​ be your choice as​ to​ which one you​ will be your destination. Key Largo and Key West are both two of​ the​ most beautiful places to​ visit and take your kids along.
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