Traveling To Costa Rica And The 3 Must Sees

The amazing country of​ Costa Rica is​ full of​ so many natural treasures,​ that choosing what to​ see with the​ limited time you​ have while visiting,​ can be quite challenging. I have had the​ good fortune of​ exploring the​ entire country of​ Costa Rica,​ and have come up with the​ top three must-sees while you​ are visiting this paradise. Each one is​ unique in​ its own way,​ and all are sure to​ provide an​ unforgettable experience that you​ will always remember.

1. Nauyaca Falls and the​ Don Lulu Tour - This amazing set of​ waterfalls are located in​ between the​ surfing village of​ Dominical on​ the​ central Pacific coast and the​ bustling little city of​ San Isidro de General. the​ falls are privately owned and the​ best way to​ tour them is​ by taking the​ Don Lulu tour,​ which consists of​ a​ horseback ride to​ the​ falls and includes breakfast and lunch. the​ tour costs only $40 per person making it​ a​ great value. the​ tour begins on​ the​ highway where you​ mount your horse,​ and begin the​ 3 mile trek to​ the​ falls,​ stopping at​ the​ quaint tico-style home of​ Don Lulu for a​ typical Costa Rican breakfast of​ fresh fruit and gallo pinto(beans and rice). After breakfast,​ it’s back on​ the​ horse for the​ short trip to​ the​ entrance to​ the​ falls. After a​ fairly steep descent down a​ hand cut stairway,​ you​ arrive at​ one of​ the​ most amazing natural attractions in​ all of​ Costa Rica. the​ falls consist of​ two levels with the​ upper falls towering over 500 feet and the​ lower falls consisting of​ a​ wide cascade of​ over 100 feet that plummets into an​ idyllic 30 foot deep pool. Your guides on​ the​ tour will be more than happy to​ help you​ climb up into the​ lower falls for a​ once in​ a​ lifetime leap of​ faith into the​ refreshing pool below. After a​ few hours swimming and relaxing next to​ this Costa Rican treasure,​ it’s a​ short but strenuous climb back up the​ staircase to​ your waiting mount. a​ wonderful lunch is​ served at​ Don Lulu’s and then the​ tour concludes back at​ the​ highway. the​ rest of​ the​ day is​ spent reflecting on​ the​ wonderful experience had by all.

2. Volcano and Lake Arenal - Volcano Arenal towers over Lake Arenal in​ the​ north central region of​ Costa Rica. it​ is​ the​ most active volcano in​ Costa Rica with daily eruptions,​ and vibrant glowing lava shows that can be enjoyed at​ night. the​ volcano last had a​ major eruption in​ 1968 when it​ buried the​ old town of​ Arenal in​ ash and soot. the​ Costa Rican government has since flooded the​ area where Arenal used to​ be to​ create Costa Rica’s largest lake,​ and submerging this once lively village in​ hundreds of​ feet of​ water. the​ lake is​ home to​ some of​ the​ best rainbow bass fishing in​ the​ entire world,​ and there are many local guides that will take you​ to​ the​ best spots. in​ addition to​ the​ world class fishing on​ the​ lake,​ Lake Arenal is​ also internationally known for its windsurfing. There are many types of​ accommodations in​ the​ Arenal area ranging from five star resorts like the​ upscale Tabacon Hot Springs Resort to​ small rooms for the​ budget minded traveler. There are some wonderful canopy tours in​ the​ area in​ which you​ can spend a​ day zipping down a​ cable over the​ rainforest canopy below. the​ Arenal area is​ truly an​ amazing piece of​ paradise where you​ can enjoy the​ sights and sounds of​ an​ active volcano looming over a​ picturesque lake. Truly a​ must-see in​ this spectacular country.

3. Manuel Antonio National Park - the​ crown jewel of​ Costa Rica’s national parks,​ Manuel Antonio is​ without a​ doubt a​ must-see on​ your visit to​ Costa Rica. Located just south of​ Quepos on​ the​ central Pacific coastline,​ the​ park is​ only a​ few hours from San Jose making it​ very accessible. Manuel Antonio is​ a​ very small park in​ relation to​ the​ other parks in​ the​ country,​ but it​ attracts more visitors per year than any other park. the​ park has pristine powder sand beaches back dropped by lush emerald green mountains that plunge into the​ deep blue Pacific. Manuel Antonio has become so popular that the​ park director has had to​ limit the​ number of​ people allowed into the​ park to​ 600 on​ weekdays and 800 on​ weekends. It’s no wonder that people are lining up to​ get in​ to​ this amazing place,​ as​ on​ any given day you​ can spot 3 different species of​ monkeys,​ sloths,​ marmosets,​ ocelots,​ river otters,​ pacas,​ and speckeled caimans as​ well as,​ 200 species of​ birds. the​ beaches at​ Manuel Antonio are often considered the​ most beautiful in​ all of​ Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio was actually discovered by Ponce de Leon in​ 1519 on​ his quest for the​ fountain of​ youth,​ and while he may have never located that particular fountain,​ it​ appears he had stumbled upon the​ garden of​ Eden. This place will leave you​ breathless and with unforgettable memories about the​ beauty of​ Costa Rica. a​ definite must-see on​ your visit to​ paradise.
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