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When you​ type the​ website name on​ your address bar,​ a​ simple yet classy homepage of​ the​ website unfurls right before your eyes. Designed tastefully,​ the​ homepage presents a​ vivid picturesque of​ one of​ the​ most beautiful must-visit places in​ the​ world,​ Barcelona,​ located in​ Spain.
This website contains everything you​ might want to​ know about Barcelona,​ which is​ the​ capital of​ Catalunya,​ a​ delightful and welcoming place of​ historical defeats and recent victories,​ situated at​ the​ Catalan region of​ Spain. the​ website also offers you​ attractive tourist-packages and a​ recommends a​ wide selection of​ accommodations for you​ to​ choose from.
Easy to​ navigate,​ and brief and precise in​ information,​ this website will certainly captivate your interest in​ the​ much-less-talked about city of​ beauties—Barcelona. the​ website names a​ couple of​ contemporary hotels such as​ Las Jazz which is​ equipped with everything imaginable,​ right from a​ mini-bar to​ a​ fancy bathroom,​ while there are a​ little less flamboyant hotels recommended,​ minimal yet with a​ stylish décor,​ keeping in​ mind the​ tastes of​ the​ people. also gives you​ a​ brief on​ the​ famous attractions of​ the​ city—museums that are sure to​ transport you​ to​ the​ historic intricacies of​ the​ 12th century. the​ website provides you​ information on​ the​ plethora of​ museums in​ Barcelona,​ along with vivid pictures of​ the​ elegant stone-carved monuments—a feast for the​ eyes of​ those who have a​ penchant for eclectic art and cultures. Casa Balto,​ known for its skeletal similarities in​ front of​ the​ building,​ and Picasso Museum,​ known for its diverse collection of​ the​ works of​ Pablo Picasso,​ are some of​ the​ renowned museums in​ Barcelona. For more diversity in​ art and culture,​ his website recommends Museu Maritim de Barcelona,​ which is​ a​ nautical museum situated in​ the​ royal shipyard complex.
The website offers you​ information on​ the​ diverse cuisines and the​ varied Catalan Foods available—for the​ foodies,​ this is​ a​ dream come true. Along with a​ picture of​ scrumptious delicacies,​ reading this page of​ the​ website sets your mouth watering. the​ website talks about the​ Catalan cuisine,​ which is​ based on​ the​ ingredients found in​ the​ Mediterranean Coast such as​ fresh vegetables (tomatoes,​ garlic,​ red peppers and artichokes),​ wheat products (bread and pasta),​ olives oils of​ Arbequina,​ wines,​ beans,​ mushrooms,​ pork sausages and ham,​ several types of​ cheese,​ lamb,​ poultry as​ well as​ a​ variety of​ such (sardines,​ anchovy,​ tuna and cod fish). the​ Catalan Cuisine is​ recommended for those who love experimenting with food,​ and the​ sea-food lovers.
The website also provides a​ brief weather forecast,​ giving you​ information about the​ weather changes that prevail throughout the​ year,​ so that you​ can choose the​ best time for visiting one of​ the​ most beautiful cities in​ the​ world.
This website,​ being incredibly informative,​ provides not too much information,​ but just enough information to​ snare your interest,​ and there—you’re bound to​ it​ until you​ actually do pay a​ visit to​ Barcelona.
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