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Mexico is​ a​ country that has always occupied a​ special place among the​ world’s most popular tourist destinations. Its many treasures are of​ course known and loved by the​ countless thousands of​ people who have already experienced them,​ but Mexico has a​ way of​ enticing even those who have not had the​ opportunity to​ visit the​ country yet.

There are several places in​ Mexico that have contributed to​ the​ charm and allure of​ the​ country,​ among them: Acapulco,​ Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. All of​ these have done their share in​ building the​ “Mexico mystique” and are definitely some of​ the​ more worthwhile places to​ visit in​ the​ country. There is​ however another area that somehow stands apart from all the​ rest and that is​ the​ area known as​ Baja California.

Baja California is​ a​ peninsula that juts out into the​ Pacific Ocean from the​ southern end of​ California. as​ you​ may well imagine given this location,​ Baja California is​ gifted with spectacular seascapes,​ making it​ an​ ideal destination for myriad different water based leisure activities. in​ fact,​ the​ area has attracted thousands of​ surfers and sailing enthusiasts over the​ years,​ in​ addition to​ the​ hordes of​ college students from the​ U.S. who have made Baja California their unofficial home away from home during spring break.

The water is​ by no means the​ only place to​ have fun in​ Baja California. in​ fact,​ with the​ sheer number of​ things to​ do and places to​ see,​ you​ may find yourself overwhelmed if​ you​ try to​ take them all in! the​ best thing to​ do is​ to​ plan your visit around one or​ two major activities–diving or​ whale watching for example–and plan for smaller,​ shorter deviations throughout your stay. of​ course,​ if​ you​ are up to​ the​ challenge you​ may just decide to​ see as​ much of​ the​ area as​ you​ possibly can!

We’ve already mentioned the​ water and how much fun you​ can have in​ or​ around it: there’s scuba diving,​ fishing,​ wind surfing,​ snorkeling,​ kayaking,​ swimming,​ and even just lounging around in​ the​ sun and sand. There are other things to​ do in​ Baja California without even having to​ get wet however. For starters,​ there is​ cycling or​ even mountain biking. the​ highway that stretches from Tijuana to​ Cabo San Lucas is​ a​ particularly popular route and attracts many cyclists every year.

If you​ are interested in​ traveling the​ less beaten path,​ there are numerous dirt road trails all over La Paz,​ Loreto,​ San Jose del Cabo and Todos Santos that will test the​ limits of​ both you​ and your bike! of​ course if​ you​ want to​ get around at​ a​ slower pace,​ you​ can always go for a​ hike on​ the​ many trails in​ the​ San Pedro Martir National Park or​ in​ the​ Sierra Lagunas.

We’ve only just begun to​ scratch the​ surface of​ all the​ treasures that lie in​ wait for you​ in​ Baja California. Visiting this naturally rich and diverse spot will surely unearth a​ lot more for you​ to​ discover.
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