Traveling To Alicante Made Simple

It may be business or​ pleasure that has you​ travelling to​ Alicante,​ Spain,​ but whatever the​ reason is​ you​ are going,​ getting there is​ a​ breeze. Tourism is​ making its way to​ this once mostly industrial working city. as​ a​ result,​ more traveller friendly resources are becoming available. Located on​ the​ coast of​ the​ Mediterranean Sea and the​ southeast region of​ Spain,​ Alicante is​ a​ bustling port and a​ well-populated region. That doesn’t take away from the​ beautiful mountains to​ the​ west or​ the​ fact that it​ has some of​ the​ loveliest beaches to​ its east.

Getting There

Alicante is​ best reached by air from countries around the​ world. the​ El Altet International Airport is​ located just 6 miles (10 km) from the​ heart of​ the​ city. There are daily flights from other major cities in​ Spain including Madrid,​ Ibiza and Barcelona. the​ Alicante airport is​ also serviced by major airline carriers from around Europe.

Travelling to​ Alicante is​ also possible by train or​ bus. Car hire services can be used within the​ city limits as​ well. Since Alicante is​ a​ region with its primary city bearing the​ same name,​ there are several other smaller towns that are accessible in​ Alicante by the​ railroad system known as​ the​ tram and trenet. These smaller railways go to​ Denia,​ Altea,​ and Benidorm. the​ two way services in​ and out of​ Alicante use motor buses to​ connect the​ city with the​ outlying towns and villages.

A ferry from Algeria can also bring you​ into the​ city limits of​ Alicante. it​ is​ booked by going throught Romeu to​ Oran or​ Algeria. This is​ not the​ best or​ most reliable method of​ getting there since there can be upsets in​ service due to​ the​ political atmosphere of​ Algeria at​ any given time.

Once inside the​ city limits,​ it​ is​ really a​ walking city because of​ its small size. However,​ taxis and intercity busses are available as​ well as​ the​ tram to​ an​ from Plaza del Mar to​ the​ airport outside of​ town.

Where to​ Stay

Those who travel to​ Alicante from far away will require overnight accommodations which can be found in​ abundance. Many high rise hotels in​ the​ city centre let you​ stay in​ the​ heart of​ the​ business district. There are views from these skyscrapers toward the​ mountains or​ sea.

If you​ prefer a​ more resort like atmosphere for your stay,​ just outside the​ city along the​ beaches are hotels with breathtaking seaside views and easy access to​ the​ sun and sand.

Beach property is​ as​ luxurious as​ found in​ any resort and offers family-friendly options with a​ Mediterranean flare. These hotels are close to​ both the​ city and beach in​ this close-knit region.

What to​ Expect

Once you​ have accomplished travelling to​ Alicante,​ you​ can expect a​ pleasant visit. This region sees a​ lot of​ sunshine year round and has some of​ the​ warmest water temperatures,​ reaching up to​ 80º F. if​ the​ surrounding cities get too warm,​ you​ can find some relief in​ Alicante by going to​ the​ beach and enjoying the​ sea breezes. the​ city can stay hot like all concrete clad cities,​ but you​ are just a​ short walking distance toward relief. the​ winter is​ mild and pleasant throughout the​ season,​ making it​ a​ great winter getaway for the​ region.

International travellers have started in​ recent years to​ frequent Alicante on​ day or​ weekend trips from other areas of​ Spain or​ Europe. Here they are pleased to​ experience Spain as​ it​ really is​ and not just the​ face it​ puts on​ for tourists. What was once a​ sort of​ dreary industrial town,​ has been given a​ makeover and become a​ welcoming attraction for Spaniards and international travellers both.
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