Traveling To Alicante And The Benidorm Area

Benidorm,​ Spain is​ considered the​ hottest,​ most popular resort area on​ the​ Costa Blanca. Located about an​ hour from the​ Alicante airport,​ on​ the​ Mediterranean Sea,​ this tourist mecca is​ home to​ over 1000 restaurants and 30 nightclubs. Whether you’re traveling with adults or​ children,​ you’ll find something to​ enjoy here.

This area,​ located north of​ Alicante and south of​ Altea,​ offers the​ most family fun,​ with amusement parks and a​ water park to​ enjoy during the​ day. it​ also offers the​ most exciting nightlife on​ the​ coast. the​ Terra Mitica amusement park is​ based on​ five different ancient civilizations,​ including Greek and Roman. the​ Aqualandia Water Park has slides,​ pools and other water activities the​ whole family can enjoy. Mundomar Marine Exotic Animal Park boasts dolphins,​ parrots,​ turtles,​ sea lions,​ penguins and many more animals that are sure to​ delight children and adults alike.

The history of​ Benidorm winds through the​ Phoenicians,​ the​ Romans,​ the​ Arabs and the​ Catholic Kings. Each one of​ these civilizations has left its mark on​ the​ city,​ through architecture and artifacts in​ museums and churches. you​ can spend all day wandering through history,​ walking through ancient buildings and touring ruins. By day,​ this city is​ a​ great place to​ explore the​ area through group tours as​ well as​ through independent excursions. By night it’s the​ place for exciting nightlife,​ from restaurants to​ bars to​ nightclubs.

Of the​ thousands of​ hotel rooms in​ Benidorm,​ the​ grandest ones can be found at​ the​ Hotel Gran Bali. This 52-story hotel is​ right on​ the​ beach,​ and is​ the​ tallest hotel in​ Europe. it​ offers the​ most indulgent of​ amenities,​ including a​ spa,​ game rooms and heated pools. it​ also offers rooms with panoramic views of​ the​ sea,​ the​ mountains or​ the​ golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Whether you​ lounge by the​ pool or​ enjoy a​ massage at​ the​ spa,​ your experience at​ this world-class won’t ever be forgotten.

The two beaches in​ Benidorm,​ the​ Levante and Poniente,​ are highlights on​ the​ Costa Blanca. the​ Levante beach is​ the​ livelier of​ the​ two,​ as​ it’s the​ one closest to​ the​ city center. Here you’ll find a​ variety of​ restaurants and water sports,​ including waterskiing and surfboard rental. the​ quieter of​ the​ two beaches is​ Poniente. Here you’ll find an​ area to​ relax and sunbathe all day. Rock formations in​ the​ Bay of​ Benidorm create coves to​ explore from the​ water. Depending on​ your mood,​ you​ have your choice of​ a​ laid-back,​ tranquil beach or​ a​ more upbeat one.

The resort area of​ Benidorm offers more attractions and activities than nearly any other area in​ Spain. the​ perfect weather,​ beautiful surroundings and ample activities make for a​ vacation to​ remember.
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