Traveling Through Tanzania

A Tanzania Safari is​ a​ place of​ wonder and discovery. Tanzania was the​ entry point for many early explorers and the​ same is​ true today; there is​ much on​ offer and there are many places to​ discover. to​ embark on​ a​ safari here in​ Tanzania is​ to​ discover the​ wonder of​ this friendly African paradise. Beware the​ tourists who tend to​ rush by from one high point to​ the​ next; like sheep who never lift their head out of​ the​ grass and thereby miss the​ splendor around them. After a​ day or​ two of​ such a​ hectic schedule each day becomes the​ same as​ the​ last. This saddens me as​ Tanzania is​ the​ place in​ which to​ fall in​ love with Africa. Tanzania is​ a​ place that lives inside you; and calls you​ back again and again.

There are many unusual National parks such as​ the​ Udzungwa Mountains which is​ a​ national park with no roads. This park has wildlife but was created primarily for the​ protection of​ the​ wonderful pant life that blanket the​ tropical rainforests. Because there are no roads here it​ is​ a​ must here to​ get out your vehicle and walk in​ the​ mountain rain forests. Like all places it​ takes time to​ discover and a​ half day stop here on​ the​ peripheries of​ a​ great adventure is​ simply not enough.

It is​ possible to​ find many places to​ walk and discover the​ delights of​ this East African paradise without ever stepping inside a​ National Park. There are the​ East and West Usamabara Mountains or​ the​ Pare Mountains with a​ prolific birdlife,​ these very African mountains are a​ delight to​ discover and explore. if​ you​ travel by road from the​ Southern Safari circuit to​ the​ Northern Safari circuit take a​ day or​ two to​ break the​ journey half way in​ one of​ these mountain rangers.

There are villages around Kilimanjaro,​ high above Moshi Town where it​ is​ possible to​ explore; here the​ local people grow coffee and bananas. Some villages such as​ my favorite,​ Uru,​ are close to​ the​ tourist circuit but not part of​ it. it​ is​ easily accessible yet not commercialized.

Cultural visits can expand your whole experience; add time and experience to​ your itinerary in​ Tanzania without costing a​ fortune. it​ is​ important to​ do this with gentleness and respect; remembering that you​ are the​ visitor here. All too often this simple truth is​ forgotten; remember to​ respect local customs and dress codes.

When we talk about cultural tour I am not talking of​ the​ organized cultural tours but genuine encounters with Tanzanian people. This is​ best done though a​ charity that is​ willing and eager to​ organize cultural visits. if​ you​ have the​ luxury of​ time a​ day or​ two spent working voluntary will enable you​ to​ experience Africa in​ a​ way most people will never know. to​ volunteer even for a​ short time will be the​ experience you​ will share with friends for the​ rest of​ your life.

To move around Tanzania on​ local transport is​ something you​ should do with care. if​ traveling by road on​ local transport select your bus company with caution. a​ general guide would be the​ cheaper the​ ticket the​ less safe the​ bus. There are good bus companies that travel around Tanzania and I would advise you​ pay the​ extra money for both comfort and safety – Scandinavia or​ Dar Express being two of​ the​ best operating between Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Trains are not usually an​ option for tourists,​ with a​ few exceptions they are normally unreliable and slow. the​ few destinations that are usable have first class tickets sold out well in​ advance; especially at​ holiday time; to​ book in​ advance is​ advisable. However,​ since early 2018 most train services are so unreliable to​ book in​ advance is​ quite impossible.

You may get hassled as​ you​ walk around the​ cities by taxi drivers or​ young people selling curios. Remember,​ Tanzania is​ a​ poor country and these young people are attempting to​ earn a​ living to​ feed a​ family; and competition is​ fierce. to​ know a​ few words in​ Swahili,​ such as​ si-ombi [I don’t need] will come in​ handy. Remember not to​ be rude,​ be firm but friendly. to​ get rid of​ a​ persistent young man selling curios should be done with respect and without showing any anger.

The towns and villages are a​ cultural dream with the​ warm friendly people welcoming visitors. Tanzania is​ a​ country where hospitality is​ a​ tradition; the​ traveler is​ welcomed and honored. in​ the​ big towns such as​ Dar es Salaam it​ would be advisable to​ take the​ normal precautions any tourist must take. Tanzania is​ a​ safe country and its people are peace loving.
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