Traveling Safely With Your Very Own Luggage

You’re ready for the​ big trip. You’ve got your tickets,​ wallet,​ and glasses and a​ tote full of​ light reading. But before you​ step out your door,​ here’s some important things to​ know about your luggage and traveling safely.

Check the​ condition of​ your luggage,​ looking for small tears in​ the​ fabric or​ around the​ seams. Check for broken parts and fix or​ replace any parts that may interfere with your luggage doing its best job. if​ you​ didn’t buy the​ cheapest luggage out there,​ you​ won’t have to​ worry as​ much about broken zippers,​ ripped seams and other factors that can make or​ break your trip. Stay away from luggage that sets you​ apart from others by being gaudy,​ fancy,​ gold-trimmed or​ in​ some other way puts a​ big red target on​ your belongings for airport thieves.

If you​ stick with basic black luggage,​ how will you​ be able to​ spot your luggage at​ Baggage Claim? Tie a​ bright scarf around the​ handle,​ or​ buy luggage tags that are brightly colored so you​ can spot your luggage and others won’t mistake it​ for theirs. Even better,​ thieves are not likely to​ nab the​ more distinctive bag,​ but would rather walk away with anonymous luggage.

Airlines today allow 2 bags per passenger with a​ maximum weight of​ 50 lbs. if​ you​ were planning on​ carrying one overweight bag (weigh it​ at​ home),​ you’d be better off traveling with two bags of​ lesser weight. You’ll endure more stress at​ the​ airport,​ but will avoid paying the​ excess weight fees airlines impose on​ overweight luggage. European airlines operate differently and some only allow 33 lbs.

Mark your luggage well with your ID. You’ll be glad you​ did if​ they are lost. you​ may also want to​ think about leaving a​ copy of​ your itinerary inside your luggage. if​ your bags are lost,​ airport personnel will have a​ good idea of​ where you​ are.

More likely than not,​ your luggage will be subject to​ TSA scanning. to​ help you​ get through this with a​ minimum of​ fuss,​ pack your items in​ clear plastic organizers. Place delicate items in​ sturdy,​ reusable packing,​ not wrapped up in​ your clothing. Make it​ easy for personnel to​ repack your item quickly and neatly.

With some savvy organization and a​ thoughtful planning ahead,​ you​ can ensure a​ safe and fun trip.
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