Traveling Safely In Costa Rica

Traveling Safely in​ Costa Rica
Costa Rica is​ a​ country that has had a​ comfortable democracy for quite some time .​
Even though her neighbors have been torn apart with political strife,​ Costa Rica has remained peaceful and with little or​ no political upheaval .​
It seems to​ have created a​ genuinely happy group of​ people .​
However,​ human nature being what it​ is,​ there is​ some amount of​ crime that does exist.
The usual warnings apply .​
Stay out of​ any red light districts there may be and always travel with groups in​ well-lit areas .​
Keep your money in​ a​ hidden pocket somewhere in​ your clothing but do not carry a​ wallet .​
It is​ advised that you​ keep a​ credit card or​ travelers checks .​
Both are insured and when you​ are on​ vacation if​ you​ are mugged you​ can get them replaced .​

Don't leave your drinks unattended and don't make change or​ flash your cash .​
It's not difficult just handle your transactions discreetly .​
Stifle the​ need to​ wear expensive jewelry it's overdone in​ this environment anyway .​
It has been suggested that visitors keep photocopies of​ their return plane ticket and their passport .​
Keep an​ extra stash of​ cash in​ your hotel room just in​ case of​ an​ emergency.
If you​ drive your rented car out of​ a​ gas station,​ grocery store,​ your hotel,​ or​ just about anywhere and it​ ends up with a​ flat tire .​
Don't let the​ inevitable Good Samaritan help you​ that comes right along as​ soon as​ you​ have broke down .​
in​ the​ past there have been tourists that allowed this nice guy that just happened along,​ to​ help them change the​ tire while he has you​ distracted his buddies sneak into the​ other side of​ the​ car and steal you​ belongings.
The roads are usually paved and easy to​ travel but occasionally you​ have to​ go down some rough dirt road .​
If you​ are unsure of​ the​ roads don't drive them .​
as​ a​ matter of​ fact,​ it​ just isn't good sense to​ rent a​ car .​
the​ cost of​ gas is​ terrible and you​ have to​ stress out about figuring out where you​ are going .​
It would be smart to​ set aside a​ bus/taxi fare when you​ plan your trip.
If someone spills food on​ you​ move quickly away from them as​ they try to​ help you​ .​
Wiping ketchup off of​ you​ is​ a​ way to​ grab you​ and pick your pockets .​
This is​ an​ old ploy that is​ used all too often in​ many ports of​ call,​ not just Costa Rica .​
Many people come to​ Costa Rica looking for photo opportunities .​
Shutterbugs just love their equipment and it​ is​ a​ big tragedy when their cameras get stolen .​
Get vacation or​ travelers insurance for your camera and equipment .​

If you​ do get equipment stolen or​ your wallet stolen,​ call 911 and follow through with getting a​ police report .​
you​ will need a​ copy of​ the​ police report in​ order for your camera to​ be replaced .​
Chances are that you​ will never have to​ use any of​ this advice,​ but it​ never hurts to​ be safe.
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