Traveling Safe For Business

Traveling Safe for Business
One of​ thing that you​ notice when you​ travel with a​ seasoned business traveler is​ that they have habits worked out after dozens of​ business trips to​ make sure they don’t have trouble on​ the​ road .​
Learning to​ be safe in​ this world has to​ become second nature for all of​ us .​
When you​ learn to​ drive a​ car,​ its second nature to​ buckle your seat belt and check your blind spot when you​ change lanes .​
But early in​ your life as​ a​ driver,​ you​ learned the​ need for those precautions,​ sometimes the​ hard way.
We don’t want to​ learn the​ rules of​ traveling safe on​ business trips the​ hard way .​
When you​ are on​ the​ road for business,​ you​ are just as​ susceptible to​ danger or​ accidents as​ any tourist .​
the​ difference is​ that as​ you​ have become professional at​ traveling to​ accomplish your business goals .​
And those safety measures that you​ have to​ focus on​ at​ first become second nature .​
Let’s look at​ some key safety precautions that must become part of​ that discipline of​ travel.
Avoiding crowds goes a​ long way toward taking you​ out of​ situations where thieves might lurk .​
Not only that,​ it​ makes life on​ the​ road so much easier .​
Check in​ lines may be one of​ the​ most frustrating rituals we have to​ go through as​ we travel .​
And it​ is​ a​ place where thieves can case you​ because you​ have your luggage there,​ you​ often open your briefcase or​ purse and take out your wallet to​ show id.
So too avoid the​ check in​ line entirely,​ use your computer at​ home to​ log in​ and check the​ status of​ the​ flight so you​ don’t have to​ go to​ the​ airport too soon if​ it​ is​ delayed .​
on​ your home computer,​ you​ can move your seat if​ possible and you​ can print your boarding pass and other important check in​ documents .​
By getting all of​ this done at​ home,​ you​ can skip the​ check in​ line entirely and proceed directly to​ the​ gate .​
Your homemade boarding pass will get you​ through security .​

If you​ have baggage,​ don’t overlook the​ convenience of​ street side check in​ .​
There you​ can check your bags quickly .​
Show your boarding pass and your bags are safe as​ you​ head off happily to​ find the​ coffee shop to​ relax before your flight.
In addition to​ getting away from crowd situations at​ the​ airport,​ think about securing your financial information before you​ even go to​ the​ airport .​
For one thing,​ you​ many of​ the​ cards and documents in​ your wallet do not need to​ go on​ the​ trip .​
you​ don’t need your ATM card,​ your library card or​ your social security card .​
you​ only need one credit card and your driver’s license .​
So go through your wallet and cut down on​ what you​ are taking on​ the​ road .​
It helps you​ travel lighter and safer.
But don’t stop there .​
in​ addition to​ removing cards at​ home so they cannot get stolen,​ also remove valuables from where thieves would expect to​ see it .​
Put most of​ your cash and credit cards in​ your checked baggage or​ on​ a​ money belt under your clothing .​
you​ can still carry a​ wallet but it​ will only have enough cash for the​ day of​ travel and no additional documentation .​
If you​ needed your driver’s license or​ credit card for check in,​ go to​ the​ bathroom and tuck them away.
Along with these precautions,​ stay in​ a​ state of​ awareness about your personal effects as​ you​ travel .​
Watch your purse or​ briefcase and keep your head up at​ the​ terminal so if​ you​ see suspicious behavior,​ you​ can stay away from it .​
By keeping your own safety at​ a​ high priority,​ traveling safe will become second nature.
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