Traveling Nurses Easing Staff Shortages

Traveling Nurses Easing Staff Shortages
With the​ acute shortage of​ nurses nationwide,​ travel nursing has come into its own within the​ health care profession.
Today,​ a​ wellqualified nurse with experience in​ a​ highdemand specialty can find shortterm placements almost anywhere in​ the​ country including exotic resort locations like Hawaii and the​ Caribbean throughout the​ year.
Registered nurses with at​ least 10 months of​ clinical experience and good references are eligible. These temporary assignments,​ typically lasting 13 weeks,​ are often staff positions in​ critical care settings in​ locations ranging from rural areas to​ cruise ships and resort areas.
Travel nursing offers something for everyone at​ every career stage the​ allure of​ travel and unique settings; rewarding positions at​ top teaching hospitals and research institutions; and challenging work in​ hardpressed,​ underserved areas.
For a​ nurse or​ nurse practitioner with a​ flexible schedule,​ travel nursing can be a​ very appealing career option as​ it​ offers higher pay,​ flexibility,​ variety and often the​ opportunity for business travel,​ said Andrea Higham,​ director of​ the​ Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursings Future,​ a​ public awareness and imagebuilding campaign that is​ addressing the​ nursing shortage through nursing scholarships and nursing student recruitment activities. Its one of​ the​ many areas of​ specialty where current demand far exceeds supply.
Those interested usually get their start with placement companies to​ determine openings. Candidates complete an application,​ discuss their plans and interests with a​ recruiter,​ and conduct telephone and inperson interviews with potential health care facilities.
If the​ candidate is​ offered a​ position,​ the​ travel company helps with the​ details of​ travel documents,​ credentialing and licensure,​ hospital orientation,​ housing some provide free or​ subsidized apartments and even arrangements for furniture and utilities.
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