Traveling Light Never Check Luggage

One of​ the​ best illustrations I’ve seen for not checking bags happened at​ DFW Airport a​ short time back. it​ was during a​ heavy thunderstorm,​ and they had shut down ramp operations due to​ the​ lightning.

I was standing at​ a​ window overlooking the​ ramp area wondering when,​ if​ ever,​ I’d actually get out of​ Dallas. the​ downpour was torrential,​ all personal were inside,​ and all support equipment and vehicles had been left standing where they were when the​ ramp was closed.

This included baggage trains,​ of​ which I could see three,​ comprised of​ several carts each,​ all uncovered,​ and all full of​ bags and packages getting completely soaking wet. There were also bags sitting on​ the​ ground,​ stopped on​ the​ loading ramp to​ cargo holds,​ and one cart was chock full of​ cardboard packages,​ all getting doused.

It ended up raining hard for about 20 minutes,​ then lighter for about the​ same amount of​ time. it​ doesn’t take much to​ imagine the​ condition of​ those bags contents,​ not to​ mention the​ packages once the​ cardboard got saturated and turned to​ mush.

What I found interesting was that all the​ baggage carts had covers,​ but those covers were all rolled up or​ thrown back. So what’s the​ deal. I mean it’s a​ rainy day,​ so any thinking person should know the​ covers should be in​ place and only thrown back on​ the​ cart being worked. Then it​ would’ve taken all of​ 2 seconds to​ throw the​ cover back over the​ bags before scurrying inside.

This is​ just one example,​ but there are countless illustrations of​ uncaring baggage handlers doing a​ pitiful job. I’ve watched bags falling off carts,​ thrown in​ or​ bounced off carts,​ kicked,​ flung,​ piled up and falling off loading ramps,​ dropped in​ puddles,​ run over,​ the​ list just goes on​ and on.

If that doesn’t show the​ sense in​ not checking luggage by only using carry-on bags,​ then how about theft. you​ may not realize it,​ but a​ lot of​ stuff goes missing from checked bags. Between the​ ticket counter and the​ carousel,​ are many opportunities for pilferage.

I’ve lost count of​ the​ number people I’ve encountered who’ve had items stolen out of​ their bags. it​ should go without saying that valuables should never be checked,​ but often the​ items taken aren’t even all that valuable. Shoes and other pieces of​ clothing mysteriously disappear as​ well.

With the​ new TSA rules especially,​ you​ shouldn’t even bother locking bags anymore,​ as​ they will just cut the​ locks. Who among those checking a​ bag hasn’t found the​ little note inside saying this bag was searched? Happens routinely.

Also,​ the​ TSA approved locks aren’t failsafe either. They say that by using them,​ the​ security folks can open them with master keys,​ thus saving the​ lock,​ but I found it​ interesting reading about how one guy using such a​ lock found it​ cut and placed inside his case with the​ aforementioned note. the​ humorous part was that he was a​ senior executive with one of​ those lock manufacturing companies.

Then there are the​ problems with lost luggage. Statistically inevitable,​ if​ you​ travel enough,​ it​ will happen to​ you. the​ best outcome is​ that it​ didn’t get on​ the​ plane,​ or​ got on​ the​ wrong plane,​ and will catch up to​ you​ in​ 24 to​ 48 hours.

The worse outcome is​ it​ never shows. in​ between are various numbers of​ days until it​ arrives. Regardless,​ you​ will stand in​ a​ line to​ fill out your claim,​ wasting yet more time with long lines and unsympathetic,​ uncaring airline staff. Think about it​ – no one talks to​ these people except irate passengers,​ so they’re going to​ have an​ attitude. Sort of​ like anyone working a​ complaint line,​ which is​ probably why people take those jobs as​ a​ last resort.

What happens to​ all that lost,​ unclaimed baggage? it​ goes to​ auction. Great huh? So much for all that stuff you​ just had to​ have along.

At the​ end of​ the​ day,​ the​ potential hassles just don’t justify the​ risk of​ checking luggage. Why not save yourself a​ lot of​ grief by using only a​ single carry-on bag and travel light?
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