Traveling In Style

Traveling in​ Style
A few months ago,​ I​ decided I​ was overdue for a​ proper vacation .​
the​ last time I​ had been away for any length of​ time was five years ago .​
After my first year of​ university,​ my parents generously sponsored me to​ go on​ a​ European tour .​
I​ visited eight countries in​ fourteen days,​ and slept in​ youth hostels the​ entire time .​
the​ only luggage I​ brought with me was my trusty backpack .​
Following the​ advice of​ some more seasoned travelers,​ I​ sewed a​ Canadian flag on​ my backpack .​
Everyone loves Canadians,​ eh!
This trip was to​ be somewhat different .​
I​ have decided to​ go back to​ Europe,​ but this time I​ will be traveling in​ style .​
I​ am planning to​ take a​ first-class flight into London,​ and I​ am in​ dire need of​ some first-class luggage .​
Luggage is​ such a​ difficult thing to​ shop for .​
It is​ one of​ those things that will not be used often enough to​ justify any great expense,​ but to​ purchase cheap luggage would be a​ complete waste of​ time and money .​
I​ decided to​ get together with the​ friends I​ will be going away with,​ for an​ afternoon of​ good old American shopping.
We spent the​ afternoon going from department store to​ big-box store to​ specialty store and back again .​
I​ finally narrowed my choices down to​ three potential sets of​ luggage; American Tourister,​ Briggs & Riley,​ and Zero Halliburton .​
They each have certain appealing aspects,​ and they are all reasonably priced .​
I​ read somewhere that American Tourister luggage has one of​ the​ best warranties in​ the​ industry .​
Briggs & Riley have been manufacturing quality products since 1993,​ and they also offer an​ extensive warranty .​
Zero Halliburton is,​ well…..Zero Halliburton.
Once I​ thought about it​ for a​ little while,​ I​ realized that the​ Zero Halliburton suitcase was the​ one for me .​
I'll admit that I​ am actually in​ love with this luggage .​
If James Bond were transporting a​ suitcase filled with priceless gems,​ he would use a​ Zero Halliburton .​
I​ ended up purchasing a​ 26-inch Suiter for the​ slightly bloated price of​ $900.00 .​
It is​ constructed from a​ wonderful brushed aluminum that looks like it​ would withstand an​ explosion,​ much less the​ baggage handlers at​ Heathrow .​
I​ will be bringing my prized collection of​ designer purses with me,​ so I​ can rest easy that they will be well protected in​ my awesome new suitcase .​
Do you​ think I​ should put a​ Canadian flag on​ it?
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