Traveling In Asia Is Affordable

The sight of​ new and different items on​ display and the​ excitement of​ open air markets and colorful shops makes shopping in​ Asia a​ unique and fun experience. Not only will you​ see goods that are different and hard to​ come by in​ the​ west,​ but you'll find prices much different than those you're accustomed to,​ and different from prices seen when traveling to​ other regions,​ like Europe.

In China,​ clothing costs about four or​ five times less than in​ European countries. However,​ the​ sizing system is​ much different than in​ the​ U.S. a​ woman who wears a​ size medium in​ the​ United States will find herself browsing the​ extra large section of​ the​ department store. it​ is​ wise to​ try everything on​ to​ make sure it​ fits before buying,​ and carefully consider the​ size of​ any clothing item you​ plan to​ purchase as​ a​ gift for someone else.

In India clothing can be had for about half the​ price that it​ would cost in​ European stores,​ if​ you​ know where to​ shop. For example,​ on​ Mumbai's Fashion Street,​ surplus from the​ city's clothing factories can scooped up at​ bargain prices.

It is​ best to​ purchase clothing made by famous European designers in​ Europe. Taxes and duties on​ imported goods in​ Asian countries tend to​ drive the​ prices up. an​ exception is​ Hong Kong,​ where goods are not taxed and the​ prices are often comparable to​ the​ European prices.

Naturally,​ Asian goods of​ all kinds are considerably cheaper in​ Asian countries than in​ Europe. For example,​ Chinese chops,​ which are name stamps usually used with red ink,​ can be found in​ many shops catering to​ tourists for about $5. the​ purchaser's name is​ normally carved into the​ chop at​ the​ store. the​ same item would cost around $40 outside of​ China.

Beautiful and unique jewelry can be purchased in​ Asia for bargain prices. Because of​ India's strong diamond industry,​ diamond rings and earrings can be bought for less than half of​ what they would cost in​ Europe. For pearls,​ you​ would pay about five times more in​ Europe than in​ China for a​ strand of​ similar size and quality.

A massage in​ China will run about $10,​ where a​ similar massage in​ Europe will cost roughly $80. the​ Chinese have practiced massage techniques for thousands of​ years,​ and a​ genuine Chinese massage is​ extremely relaxing. Foot rubs are popular as​ well,​ especially for travelers who have spent long hours on​ their feet visiting temples and climbing several stories of​ stairs in​ pagodas.

A tailor made silk shirt in​ Hong Kong costs around $100. Beautiful silk fabric is​ available in​ Vietnam for around $3-$9 a​ yard,​ depending on​ the​ quality. Good quality silk fabric in​ China costs about $4.00 a​ yard. the​ fabric tends to​ be narrower than the​ standard 45 or​ 60 inch widths,​ so make sure to​ ask how wide it​ is​ before purchasing. the​ method of​ producing silk from the​ cocoons of​ silkworms was originally developed by the​ Chinese and remained a​ secret for hundreds of​ years. Eventually the​ technique became known and spread across Asia and Europe,​ but to​ this day China remains the​ leader in​ producing silk.

Remember that the​ prices listed above are guidelines. Prices will vary from shop to​ shop - expect to​ pay more at​ the​ store in​ the​ hotel lobby than the​ one tucked away on​ a​ side street. Also,​ in​ most Asian countries it​ is​ customary to​ bargain over prices and your skill at​ bargaining will determine the​ price you​ ultimately pay for your purchases.
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