Traveling Cheap Is Not Worth It

It's human nature to​ try and cut corners and to​ take the​ best deal whenever and whereever possible. I'm sure you've heard the​ expression: "If it's too good to​ be true,​ then it​ probably is". I don't want to​ take that expressions directly in​ context and relate it​ to​ travelling because it​ doesn't directly apply! What I do want to​ do though is​ point out that being super budget when you​ travel doesn't really add up.

Your about to​ book a​ trip to​ your favorite holiday destination. Let's say it's Cancun,​ Mexico. You're online,​ or​ with a​ travel agent,​ finding cheap tickets,​ and looking at​ all of​ your different options for accomodations. You're looking at​ things like star ratings and facilities,​ and most importantly prices. at​ any major travel spot their is​ a​ huge array of​ differences in​ accomodations,​ which equivalates to​ a​ huge difference in​ pricing across the​ spectrum. Unless you're swimming in​ money,​ you're probably going to​ think: I want to​ get the​ most from the​ hotel and amount of​ stars for my money.

You take middle of​ the​ road: three. Your eyes are dazzled by the​ stars,​ and now you're quickly going throught he list looking for the​ cheapest hotel rated three stars. Why? Maybe it's because you're cheap,​ but most likely it's just because you're human. you​ want more,​ for less.

You've found it. you​ wait for the​ time to​ pass until you​ embark on​ your journey. Flights,​ airports and taxis later and you​ arrive at​ your hotel. I'm going to​ pick on​ all inclusive because it's in​ those where the​ greatest differerence I feel lies within the​ star rating. When you're staying at​ a​ hotel for a​ night,​ and eating out,​etc there really isn't that much of​ a​ difference (at least to​ me),​ between having marble floors,​ and carpet. But when you're at​ a​ resort for a​ week,​ and the​ food is​ barely edible,​ the​ service is​ non-existant,​ and you're worried about leaving you're room in​ fear of​ you're contents going missing - the​ difference all of​ a​ sudden becomes of​ the​ richter. the​ first day is​ tolerable,​ the​ second and third are working there way steadily down hill,​ and by the​ end of​ the​ week it's miserable and you're ready to​ go home. You've save yourself probably a​ few hundred dollars,​ but instead of​ having the​ vacation of​ your life and not being able to​ wait to​ get back,​ you're at​ the​ end of​ your stay longing to​ be home. Home,​ the​ place you​ couldn't wait to​ get out of​ just a​ week before.

There isn't many circumstances when a​ little price difference isn't justified. if​ you're going to​ spend $2000,​ spend $2500,​ and a​ few extra days when you​ get back or​ before you​ leave. It's worth it; you're worth it!
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