Traveling By Train For Your Vacations

A different and charming way of​ seeing the​ countryside,​ during vacations,​ that almost seems a​ part of​ an​ era long past is​ by traveling by train. During the​ early years of​ the​ century a​ journey by train travel was the​ usual way of​ seeing the​ countryside,​ but in​ today's jet age very few people travel by train like they did before. it​ is​ only those,​ still lucky enough to​ ride a​ train,​ who can appreciate the​ beauty of​ the​ landscape.

Where else could you​ have the​ luxury of​ driving 60 miles per hour in​ a​ luxury coach car with comfortable seats,​ cold drink in​ hand and a​ pillow to​ rest your head,​ and people to​ pamper you​ silly? you​ could watch cows in​ the​ fields as​ travel,​ while having drinks served to​ your taste. Most major cities in​ the​ US are provided train service by Amtrak. the​ Amtrak passenger travels in​ the​ utmost comfort. you​ can add more cities and regions to​ your list of​ "been there,​ seen that",​ places like Salt Lake City,​ Chicago,​ Seattle,​ Boston,​ Sacramento,​ Atlanta,​ Los Angeles,​ Nashville,​ San Francisco,​ Kansas City,​ Denver,​ St. Louis,​ New Orleans,​ and Dallas.

European locations are invariably better connected by the​ railway system. Most people in​ Europe travel by buying a​ Euro rail pass,​ or​ Brit rail while traveling through UK. By buying a​ Euro rail pass you​ are guaranteed unlimited train travel throughout Europe. College kids having a​ Euro rail pass pack a​ backpack with few basics,​ and hit the​ track. you​ could take a​ train to​ Paris,​ spend the​ day visit the​ Eiffel tower apart from other tourist spots,​ and catch a​ train in​ the​ evening,​ sleep in​ peace only to​ depart when you​ are done with traveling. if​ you​ are on​ the​ right train,​ at​ the​ right time,​ you​ could be in​ the​ South of​ France,​ even San Rafael,​ St. Tropez or​ Nice. Sight seeing here could be as​ simple as​ jumping off the​ train,​ claiming a​ patch on​ the​ beach and jumping into the​ Mediterranean Sea for a​ swim!

Once you​ are done,​ flash your Euro rail pass and hop onto the​ train again to​ Amsterdam,​ visiting Holland's biggest and greatest city. Having lived it​ up in​ Amsterdam,​ board the​ train again heading towards Germany,​ possible down south towards Bavaria. Drop by Munich and feast on​ its wonderful heritage. Peep into the​ Olympic Village; and hope that you​ are lucky to​ visit during the​ renowned Bavarian beer fest,​ so you​ can have a​ blast.

A train journey offers a​ relaxing and unique experience,​ be it​ in​ Europe or​ America,​ like no other transport can even compare with. a​ train is​ as​ luxurious as​ your home,​ with delicious food at​ your service from the​ dining car,​ friendly people for company,​ a​ variety of​ cultures to​ learn,​ to​ top it​ all you​ are being chauffeur-driven. a​ train journey could truly be an​ experience by itself.
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