Traveling By Sea An Exhilarating Experience

Modern day cruises are extremely popular. Today,​ travelers prefer setting sail on​ cruise ships,​ rather than opting for road trips. Cruises offer exotic holiday adventures,​ with the​ same facilities available back home. But this may not be the​ only reason why cruises have become so popular. There are many reasons that add to​ the​ popularity of​ cruises.

The most obvious factor is​ the​ price. Long cruises are not very affordable. These cruises are accompanied with additional expenses of​ port fees,​ insurance and airfare. However,​ cruises are offered at​ more manageable prices through travel agents and online travel websites. These websites include the​ meals,​ offshore accommodation and entertainment expenses,​ within the​ ticket fares. in​ other words,​ the​ cruise trips available online and through travel agents are more reasonable and affordable.

People opting for road trips are always susceptible to​ travel hazards and other unpleasant experiences. Moreover,​ these people end up spending more money on​ the​ vehicle maintenance and tollbooths. People who choose a​ cruise trip are offered complete personal freedom and the​ privilege to​ be independent from responsibilities. Cruises,​ like five-star hotels,​ offer room service and sightseeing. This is​ the​ core reason for cruises attracting passengers for celebrating family reunions,​ birthdays,​ honeymoons and anniversaries.

Five-star Cruises are popular for their off-deck tours and adventures. These visits or​ tours are carried out with minimum fuss and fanfare. Even during tours,​ passengers can sleep,​ eat,​ exercise and even go camping. the​ tour moves at​ a​ lazy pace,​ which benefits passengers looking to​ relax and improve their health. Also,​ the​ passengers are offered duty-free shopping,​ especially in​ the​ Caribbean or​ scuba diving or​ special feasts hosted at​ exotic locales.

Sometimes,​ traveling also involves unpleasant experiences of​ meeting nasty people. Many of​ these experiences arise out of​ arguments or​ altercations with nasty flight attendants,​ cab drivers and grouchy hotel clerks. These experiences increase the​ anxiety of​ travel and exclude the​ sense of​ excitement and adventure that should accompany any vacation. Travelling by sea includes only one experience ‘relaxation’. the​ fellow travelers and staff on​ cruise ships are known to​ be very polite and pleasant. Most often fellow cruisers who come from a​ variety of​ backgrounds seem keen on​ socializing and increasing their number of​ friends and acquaintances.

Airlines pride themselves in​ offering the​ best intercontinental cuisine. However,​ airline food will never be able to​ compete with that served aboard the​ cruise ships. the​ food is​ often the​ highlight of​ a​ cruise experience. Whether at​ a​ buffet,​ in​ a​ dining room or​ in​ your cabin,​ cruise ships offer the​ best food. the​ food is​ very delicious and unlimited. Passengers can easily gain a​ few pounds if​ they are not careful.

In conclusion,​ cruise travel is​ popular for the​ variety it​ offers as​ a​ relaxing vacation option. Presently,​ over 200 cruise ships set sail on​ the​ oceans and rivers,​ with a​ considerable increase in​ the​ number every year. Among the​ big names are the​ Princess,​ Royal Caribbean,​ Norwegian and Carnival. Smaller cruise liners for smaller oceanic voyages are also available.
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