Traveling Around Egypt And Back

Egypt is​ one of​ the​ most thrilling places,​ mainly because of​ its Pyramids. Egypt is​ also one of​ the​ vacationing spots for the​ people living in​ the​ west and also people living in​ other parts of​ the​ world. This is​ the​ perfect trip for a​ family who wants to​ add an​ educational value to​ their vacation. Unlike most vacation spots,​ parents drop their children of​ at​ an​ amusement park for hours at​ a​ time. a​ trip to​ Egypt is​ a​ trip that the​ entire family can enjoy

A grand tour for Egypt starts from Cairo (Ancient Egypt),​ which includes religious and Islamic sight seeing. Cairo is​ also one of​ the​ major airports in​ Egypt. Normal tour for Cairo will start from Giza pyramids (Great pyramids),​ Saqquara (Step pyramid) and even the​ Egyptian Antiquities museum. This is​ like a​ first day tour.

Then the​ tour usually moves on​ to​ Luxor and Aswan,​ these places are visited either by train or​ flight. Tours also include visiting some places like Citadel and Khan el-Khalili market in​ Islamic Cairo,​ also visiting the​ churches and Coptic museum in​ Cairo.

Egypt is​ a​ place for Religious tours,​ Adventure and Specialty tours,​ golfing tours,​ fishing expeditions,​ Birding tours,​ Nature tours,​ Simple Holidays,​ Beach vacations,​ Scuba diving vacations,​ Western or​ Eastern Desert,​ the​ Sinai,​ Jordan,​ Kenya and the​ Israel.

Shopping is​ unlimited in​ Egypt being a​ historical and a​ religious place,​ one can find many exciting and inventive things to​ buy.

Food is​ delicious in​ Egypt,​ some of​ the​ famous delicacies of​ Egypt are,​ Egyptian bean salad,​ Egyptian stuffed egg plant with rice,​ meat and okra stew,​ Egyptian stuffed pigeon,​ Egyptian green soup,​ Egyptian salty rice,​ stuffed grape leaves,​ fig cakes,​ um ali (famous dessert of​ Egypt),​ Egyptian spiced drink etc… All the​ dishes of​ Egypt are made in​ a​ unique way; there are recipe books available for people who become lover of​ the​ food in​ Egypt.

Arabic is​ a​ common language that is​ spoken in​ Egypt. it​ is​ not very hard to​ learn basic Arabic so communication is​ made between people who do not understand English.

There are various transports that are available in​ Egypt,​ getting to​ places isn’t difficult because of​ the​ arrangement of​ buses,​ trains,​ water transport and flights. it​ is​ quiet reasonable to​ travel in​ Egypt.

Proper planning is​ recommended so that one would not get confused if​ going to​ Egypt the​ first time. Maps are available so detailed study of​ Egypt will help in​ the​ entire trip.
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