Traveling Around Alicante And Benidorm

The most popular and convenient way to​ get around in​ Alicante,​ Spain is​ to​ rent a​ car. Whether you’re traveling up the​ Costa Blanca to​ Benidorm,​ or​ staying in​ Alicante to​ sightsee,​ it’s great to​ have a​ car at​ your disposal. Renting is​ simple to​ do,​ and depending on​ your itinerary,​ it​ will generally be more cost-effective than any other mode of​ transportation. There are several key things to​ take note of​ before you​ go.

Alicante Car Rental

When you​ land at​ the​ airport in​ Alicante,​ you’ll find several different car rental companies to​ choose from,​ including worldwide names such as​ Avis and Hertz,​ and regional companies like Auriga and Centuaro. They’re easily accessible from the​ arrival area.

It’s best to​ book your car rental before your vacation to​ ensure you​ get the​ best price. Also,​ depending on​ when you’re traveling,​ it’s a​ good idea to​ pre-arrange a​ car in​ advance to​ be sure that you’ll have one when you​ arrive. Particularly in​ the​ summer,​ which is​ peak season in​ Alicante,​ you’ll find that rental inventory goes quickly.

You can use several different ways to​ reserve your car. you​ can book online,​ through a​ travel agent,​ or​ directly with the​ company you​ select. Many times you​ can find a​ great deal on​ a​ car rental as​ part of​ a​ vacation package. Be sure to​ shop several companies for the​ best rates. When shopping,​ include any additional charges,​ such as​ insurance,​ as​ well as​ any restrictions that will apply,​ to​ get a​ clear picture when comparing prices.

The car doesn’t always have to​ be picked up at​ the​ airport,​ though for some,​ that’s most convenient. Sometimes you’ll find that renting in​ town is​ more affordable than renting at​ the​ airport. Think about where you’ll be picking up and dropping off to​ ensure that you’ll have transportation to​ and from the​ rental location. if​ you’re renting from a​ location other than the​ airport,​ most companies offer complimentary transportation to​ the​ rental company.

Don’t Forget the​ Extras

Consider any extra features or​ charges when renting. Find out what’s included in​ the​ price. Some rental companies may include insurance in​ their cost,​ some may not.

One important issue to​ address is​ whether or​ not you’ll need to​ bring a​ child safety seat. you​ may have already brought it​ for the​ flight,​ and it’s a​ simple procedure to​ get it​ into the​ rental car. or​ you​ may have planned to​ rent one once you​ arrived. Either way,​ if​ you​ have an​ infant or​ child in​ the​ car,​ Spanish law states that he or​ she must be secured in​ a​ safety seat. if​ a​ rental company provides it,​ there’s an​ additional charge.

Be sure to​ get a​ car with air conditioning. it​ might be an​ obvious feature,​ but one you​ may not realize you​ need until you’re in​ the​ sweltering heat of​ Alicante without it.

Careful planning and review of​ all of​ your options will ensure you​ have the​ best possible car rental experience.
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