Traveling And Juvenile Diabetes

Traveling and Juvenile Diabetes
Planning on​ a​ family vacation? Don’t worry trips and other family outings do not have to​
be restricted because your child has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes .​
you​ can do it​
all still but there are some extra preparations and planning that will have to​ happen first .​

The preparations you​ make is​ going to​ be dependant on​ what kind of​ trip you​ are
planning,​ for how long and the​ activities that you​ will be participating in.
It is​ a​ good idea if​ you​ are going out of​ town on​ an​ airplane or​ by car to​ get some
documentation from your doctor .​
you​ should get a​ letter that explains your child’s
condition and an​ extra prescription for any unforeseen eventualities .​
If you​ are going on​
a lengthy plane ride,​ you​ will need the​ letter to​ get permission to​ bring your child’s
medicine and syringes onto the​ airplane with you​ instead of​ storing them in​ your luggage.
If you​ are unsure what special arrangements you​ are going to​ need to​ make,​ speak to​ your
doctor .​
If you​ are going on​ a​ vacation that will involve lots of​ extra physical activity
(such as​ camping or​ hiking),​ be sure that you​ bring extra food to​ replace the​ energy that is​
going to​ be used up .​
If there is​ going to​ be less physical activity,​ more frequent testing of​
blood sugar levels will be necessary to​ make sure too much insulin isn’t being used.
When traveling a​ distance that involves crossing different time zones,​ be prepared to​
make additional adjustments to​ your child’s eating schedule .​
No matter what the​ clock
says,​ your child is​ going to​ need their insulin and food on​ their body’s time .​
Again,​ your
doctor can help you​ make a​ plan for this adjustment and it​ will be based on​ the​ length of​
your trip,​ the​ difference in​ time zones,​ and your child.
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