Travelers Get Showered With Added Comforts

Travelers Get Showered With Added Comforts
With U.S .​
companies spending an​ estimated $179 billion on​ business travel this year,​ millions of​ road warriors have found themselves longing for some of​ the​ comforts of​ home while on​ the​ road.
According to​,​ an​ Amsterdam-based independent trend agency,​ the​ desire for a​ more comfortable and better-equipped hotel is​ becoming a​ very real global trend.
Consumers spare no expense to​ have the​ best of​ the​ best in​ their homes,​ from home movie theaters to​ home gyms,​ said Reinier Evers,​ founder of​ .​
When consumers are forced to​ leave their homes,​ they tend to​ demand an​ even nicer environment from their hotels,​ with a​ touch of​ luxury one would normally not find at​ home.
Because of​ this,​ a​ second trend also is​ at​ play,​ said Evers .​
As hotels try to​ keep up and put nicer amenities in​ guest rooms,​ travelers often find themselves enjoying the​ comforts of​ their new environment so much that they want to​ purchase the​ products to​ replicate the​ experience at​ home.
Hotels are obviously already capitalizing on​ this by selling customers the​ luxurious appointments formerly found exclusively in​ their hotels,​ Evers said.
In fact,​ guests can purchase just about anything they find in​ a​ hotel room these days,​ from beds and towels to​ showerheads and soaps .​
Upscale hotels jumped on​ the​ trend early,​ some even offering catalogs .​
However,​ mid-market hotels have recently found their own niche .​
Holiday Inn Express,​ the​ fastest-growing hotel chain in​ its segment,​ is​ rolling out a​ $20 million bathroom makeover in​ its more than 1,​300 properties in​ the​ United States and Canada.
The focus of​ the​ upgrade,​ called the​ SimplySmart guest bath experience,​ is​ a​ Stay Smart showerhead by Kohler that was tested by more than 7,​000 guests at​ 28 hotels across the​ country before being installed in​ late 2004.
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