Travel Writing All You Need To Know

Travel literature is​ a​ coherent narrative of​ people,​ events,​ sights,​ feelings,​ adventure and exploration by an​ author touring a​ foreign locale. Travel writings related to​ essay,​ guidebook,​ travelogue or​ itinerary have overlapping boundaries,​ so are grouped together as​ travel literature. This article focuses on​ travel literature that is​ more of​ interest to​ a​ tourist.

History of​ Travel Writing
Petrarch ascended Mount Ventoux in​ 1336 and wrote about this pleasant travel to​ see the​ top of​ the​ mountain. He made an​ allegorical comparison between climbing the​ mountain and his own moral progress in​ life. After him many travelers noted their travel impressions. in​ 1589 Richard Hakluyt published his travel voyages,​ which remain the​ foundational text of​ the​ travel literature. Robert Louis Stevenson is​ pioneer of​ tourism literature.

Types of​ Travelogues
Some great travel specialists,​ travel worldwide and make their living by writing about it. Paul Theroux,​ Jan Morris (travel historian),​ Eric Newby and William LH Moon are a​ few of​ them. Some author’s travel writing intersects essay writing e.g. V.S. Naipaul’s “India,​ a​ wounded civilization and Rebecca West’s ‘Black lamb and grey falcon.’ Travel and nature writing tends to​ merge in​ many works. Gerald Durrell and Ivan Sanderson are such naturalist authors. Charles Darwin’s famous account of​ journey on​ HMS Beagle intersects science,​ natural history and travel.

Literary travel writings based on​ authors’ experiences are also very popular. Some authors are Samuel Johnson,​ Charles Dickens,​ Robert L Stevenson,​ D.H.Lawrence,​ John Steinbeck and Evelyn Waugh.

Homer’s Odyssey,​ allegorical journeys of​ Dante’s Divine Comedy,​ Voltaire’s Candide or​ Jonathan Swifts Gulliver’s Travels are the​ fictional travelogues of​ the​ mythical journeys.

Unpublished literary writings are available as​ online travel journals or​ travelogues written on​ the​ move while being constantly updated.

Travel Guides
These are a​ series of​ publishing’s dealing with a​ particular country,​ city or​ region. They provide useful information on​ hotels,​ restaurants,​ sight seeing and other travel tips. These are particularly handy for first time travelers and are mostly compiled by specialists.

Travel Writing
The two basic objectives of​ travel writing are to​ inform readers of​ facts and create an​ interest in​ them by way of​ impressions. the​ travel writer should do preliminary research of​ the​ place,​ make actual notes and be perceptive of​ people,​ customs and atmosphere along with landmarks and scenery. Photographs are an​ essential part to​ create visual impact of​ the​ article. a​ sophisticated writing style that includes imagery and has narrative dialogues or​ other fictive technique makes for interesting reading.

A travel article written in​ a​ pleasing style will attract the​ reader and arouse his curiosity about the​ places described in​ the​ piece.
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