Travel With Your Golf Clubs Easily

Golf clubs can be expensive,​ but aside from the​ cost - you​ play your best game when using your own set of​ clubs. When traveling with your golf clubs,​ you​ will want to​ protect them from banging around against other luggage or​ from rough handling.

Your golf clubs are an​ investment and you​ want them safe from damage when traveling!

Here are some tips when traveling with golf clubs:

Protect your clubs by first packing them in​ a​ golf travel bag or​ case. There are plenty of​ options and many price ranges,​ so you​ are sure to​ find the​ travel case that is​ right for you.

There are two types of​ golf travel cases: soft shell and hard shell. For traveling by air,​ the​ hard shell golf case is​ most recommended. Many airlines will cover damages if​ your clubs are first packed inside a​ golf travel hard case (please confirm with your airline first).

Hard shell cases can protect against very demanding environments. Most are made of​ heavy molded plastic that help protect your clubs against hard drops,​ throws or​ harsh banging. the​ hard travel golf case may cost more than the​ soft shell choices,​ however the​ investment is​ offset by the​ level of​ protection provided to​ your clubs. if​ you​ prefer a​ hard case that will fit your golf bag inside as​ well,​ make sure to​ read the​ golf travel case descriptions before making your choice. Not all hard cases are built to​ fit your golf bag inside.

Golf soft shell travel cases can be a​ good option provided you​ pack your clubs well. the​ level of​ protection is​ not as​ great as​ the​ hard shell types,​ but by packing your clubs carefully and with a​ few precautions,​ you​ can do well with this choice if​ you​ plan on​ traveling by car and handling your own luggage. Also,​ most soft shell bags do fit your golf bag inside nicely.

To get the​ most protection for your golf clubs when using a​ soft shell case,​ be sure to​ pack the​ clubs inside carefully. First keep the​ clubs in​ your golf bag,​ cover the​ club heads with the​ golf bag cover (if your bag has one) or​ wrapped and buffered by some other material (towels or​ clothing work well) so that the​ club heads do not bang around loose or​ against each other inside the​ travel case.

By taking care to​ pack your golf clubs in​ a​ travel case that can offer protection from the​ elements and rough handling that can occur during travel,​ you​ will be on​ the​ right track to​ keeping your clubs safe from damage and enjoying them while traveling on​ holiday or​ golf tour.
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