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Your heading out for that vacation you've been waiting sooo long for. You've got your tickets,​ passports current. Don't sacrifice comfort for fashion as​ you​ jet off to​ paradise - you​ can truly have both!

What to​ take? It's really quite easy. Don't just squeeze whatever you​ can into that suitcase,​ then hope you've got everything to​ travel in​ style. We're going to​ help you​ pack the​ perfect "fashion statement" suitcase for your trip to​ paradise!

Trip to​ the​ Airport - For your trip to​ the​ airport dress comfortably but don't overdo it. Don't be a​ "show off" at​ the​ airport,​ you'll draw as​ much negative attention as​ the​ "scruffy person". Remember you've got security to​ clear so keep the​ jewelry simple to​ avoid setting off alarms and creating long lineups of​ backlog as​ they take you​ apart one piece at​ a​ time. Carry a​ travel wallet with slots for your id,​ passport and boarding pass - it​ will keep things moving smoothly. Have a​ pocket in​ your carry on​ where you​ can place your jewelry and coins in​ prior to​ clearing security. Remember your jacket,​ poncho,​ or​ overgarmet may be removed so make sure what your wearing underneath is​ appropriate for others to​ view.

Basics to​ Pack - Pack a​ lightweight coat,​ white or​ light colored shirt that goes with many of​ your other wardrobe pieces,​ neutral pants,​ and a​ tote bag. Be sure to​ include a​ cardigan for the​ cooler evenings. Pack a​ versatile dress than you​ can dress up or​ down depending on​ what your plans are. Pack both flat sandles and sandles with a​ slight heel - wedges are perfect.

Wardrobe For Sightseeing - as​ glamourous as​ you​ may want to​ look while out exploring the​ sites and shopping at​ your destination,​ stilettos are out of​ the​ question! Comfortable shoes are a​ must for the​ mileage your going to​ put on​ your feet. as​ well you​ must bring jeans or​ similar type casual pant,​ day or​ night jacket,​ a​ versatile skirt and a​ dress is​ great.

Your Trip to​ the​ Beach - Don't overpack for a​ week in​ the​ tropics. Just bring the​ minimum,​ you'll not be wearing much more than that in​ your "hot" tropical location. Make certain you​ have a​ pair of​ strappy flat or​ near flat sandles that you​ find comfortable for walking in​ and don't mind if​ they get covered in​ sand or​ water. Don't forget your bathing suit or​ bikini - most important. Sunglasses and a​ tote are also needed. Add a​ light sundress,​ cotton blend shirt,​ hat,​ denim or​ similar type causal short skirt,​ shorts,​ and a​ light sweater.

Make yourself a​ checklist. Remember - pack for your destination,​ pack simple but pack fashionable. Add accessories and jewelry and you'll have fashionable fun in​ paradise!
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