Travel Websites A New Concept By Drake Cavendish

Drake & Cavendish launch specialist,​ advertisement free,​ luxury hotel and villa directory. Drake & Cavendish says “the new site is​ a​ great resource for independent travellers to​ research and review luxury hotels and villas across the​ world…and it​ actually gives users what they want,​ a​ direct link to​ the​ actual hotel or​ villa they are interested in”.

The site caters for both property owners and travellers by providing a​ comprehensive collection of​ hotels and villas with direct links and contact details to​ the​ property’s own website. Many hotels now offer ‘price promises’ to​ guarantee that booking directly with them is​ the​ cheapest way to​ book - so everyone benefits,​ clients get the​ best price,​ and hoteliers don’t have to​ pay out a​ travel agent commission.

Launched with 5000 luxury properties in​ 200 countries; Drake & Cavendish include luxury hotels from the​ all the​ major international chains as​ well as​ small independent hotels,​ and the​ branded hotels of​ Leading Hotels of​ the​ World,​ Small Luxury Hotels,​ Johnasens and Great Hotels of​ the​ World.

Hotel and villa owners see a​ single luxury branded site as​ a​ great tool to​ attract direct clients and Drake & Cavendish estimate that another 5000 luxury hotels and villas will be added onto the​ site over the​ next 12 months. Luxury property owners are encouraged to​ contact them at​ to​ add their hotel or​ villa onto the​ site.

An additional feature is​ a​ comprehensive review centre which Drake & Cavendish believe will prove to​ be an​ unrivalled tool for any luxury travel buyer before making their reservation. as​ the​ site is​ so new it​ is​ a​ little difficult to​ gauge its usefulness at​ this time,​ but the​ hope is​ that users will add and contribute to​ the​ site over time.

Drake & Cavendish also believe that travel agents will embrace the​ new site as​ it​ provides them with a​ single resource with which to​ advise their clients.

You can visit this website at​ –
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