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You've heard of​ the​ armchair traveler? Rare is​ the​ person who loves travel and can make it​ a​ full time occupation .​
Although there are such lucky individuals,​ most of​ us must be satisfied with the​ yearly vacation .​
However,​ you​ can be a​ savvy armchair traveler who waits patiently,​ using the​ time between now and vacation time to​ learn all about your chosen destination .​
When you​ finally book your ticket,​ you've assembled an​ in-depth wealth of​ knowledge that makes your trip much more satisfying and memorable .​
Travel websites are treasure chests of​ cultural insight and practical information - the​ starting point for your journey .​
There are millions of​ travel websites with various perspectives .​
Some are geared to​ an​ audience of​ travelers who prefer convenient all-inclusive packages,​ while others focus on​ particular regions of​ the​ world .​
Still others cater to​ history buffs or​ foodies .​
One thing that can be said of​ travel websites in​ general is​ that there is​ indeed something for every taste and style of​ traveler .​
Your job is​ to​ search out those which specialize in​ the​ aspects of​ travel that excite you.
Remember,​ the​ informed traveler garners fuller memories,​ that keep for a​ lifetime .​
Make a​ point of​ looking into what you​ can learn about the​ culture,​ cuisine,​ history and language of​ your destination .​
There are other practical issues,​ such as​ local customs,​ points of​ etiquette and transportation that are also worth your investigation .​
As for sightseeing,​ look beyond the​ famous sights - find out about those lesser known but truly fabulous sights the​ locals frequent .​
Travel forums and message boards are good resources.
Most travel websites offer free newsletters that show up in​ your email on​ a​ regular basis .​
Some travel websites are destination-specific,​ so look for these as​ well .​
a​ typical newsletter keeps you​ abreast of​ the​ latest ticket bargains,​ travel tips,​ must-see sights and links to​ travel resources and freebies you'd probably have trouble digging up on​ your own .​
You'll find feature articles on​ a​ variety of​ topics,​ such as​ accounts of​ unusual adventures of​ fellow travelers,​ travel guide reviews and tips on​ packing to​ sail smoothly through customs .​
Travel newsletters provide loads of​ interesting material to​ enhance your trip experience.
So get comfy in​ your armchair,​ get online and begin your virtual trip .​
When the​ big day comes,​ you'll be ready to​ fully enjoy each day,​ with a​ knockout itinerary .​
Armchair travel is​ a​ delightful hobby for the​ real traveler,​ just waiting for departure!
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