Travel Vouchers With Fundraisers

There are many ways to​ market your travel business or​ team up with others in​ the​ travel industry for fundraisers. And some popular ways involve the​ use of​ travel vouchers.

Travel vouchers are generally issued by companies in​ the​ travel industry like airlines for complimentary airfare,​ hotel stays and other perks. They might be given out for stranded travelers who’ve missed connecting flights or​ as​ bonuses or​ for any number of​ reasons.

You can also use vouchers in​ fundraising efforts. Here are some popular promotional ideas:

1 Invite your customers to​ get really excited about your business so they will tell their friends by giving them a​ free vacation voucher,​ certificate,​ a​ coupon,​ etc. Offer these vouchers at​ fundraisers at​ local community events and let your customers know to​ notify you​ when their own businesses and places of​ employment host fundraisers,​ too,​ so that you​ can participate by contributing vouchers to​ them as​ well.

2. the​ kind of​ award or​ rewards you​ want to​ donate as​ vouchers for fundraisers should depend on​ your budget and what your business can afford. Less expensive travel vouchers might be in​ the​ form of​ offering food coupons,​ gift certificates,​ movie passes or​ clothing accessories and travel items like suitcases and watches. More expensive rewards ideas might be costume jewelry,​ short vacations,​ complimentary bed and breakfast gift certificates,​ long distance calling cards.

3. you​ could donate something travel-related to​ a​ fundraiser,​ like a​ carry-on suitcase on​ wheels. And then tuck a​ voucher inside the​ suitcase as​ a​ free bonus gift. or​ if​ flyers are allowed at​ the​ fundraising event,​ mention on​ promotional flyers an​ offer to​ potential customers with a​ free voucher,​ coupon or​ travel gift certificate as​ a​ back end product or​ service,​ a​ bonus item for sales that close before a​ certain deadline. (This can also help to​ increase your chances for repeat purchases.)

So put on​ your thinking cap and come up with creative ways to​ incorporate travel vouchers in​ with fundraisers. you​ will not only be giving back,​ but sharing valuable resources with others,​ putting plenty of​ smiles on​ faces. And that’s fun!
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