Travel Vouchers As Door Prizes

No matter what your event is,​ you​ will be sure to​ bring in​ a​ good crowd when you​ use travel vouchers as​ door prizes. Depending on​ what your event is,​ you​ may even get local merchants to​ donate the​ travel vouchers for advertisement. Perhaps it​ is​ a​ charity or​ fund raising event that you​ are organizing. if​ that is​ the​ case,​ you​ can check with local companies such as​ travel agencies,​ AAA or​ other merchants for donations for the​ event which they can use as​ a​ tax right off,​ while you​ benefit from having great door prizes to​ attract a​ better crowd.

Be careful to​ keep a​ close eye on​ the​ expiration dates on​ the​ vouchers,​ as​ some merchants may put a​ stipulation on​ the​ travel time. This may not be favorable to​ many wanting to​ use them as​ they have to​ travel around black out dates. So be sure to​ check the​ stipulations on​ the​ travel vouchers before accepting them. the​ better voucher you​ get with little to​ no black out dates will be the​ better choice as​ your perspective audience will be more apt to​ bite on​ the​ better vouchers.

Company functions,​ such as​ the​ yearly company picnic,​ are also great events to​ use travel vouchers. Depending on​ where you​ have the​ event,​ you​ may be able to​ get free vouchers. Let’s say you​ are having the​ company party at​ a​ local resort,​ you​ can check with the​ manager there for what they offer in​ deals that may give you​ travel vouchers for door prizes. This way,​ you​ can get a​ discount for having the​ party with them and you​ can pass out prizes that will allow your employees to​ enjoy their own private stay at​ the​ very resort where your event was held.

You can even use travel vouchers to​ attract people in​ for a​ presentation you​ are having,​ to​ launch a​ new product. you​ can send out invitation letters to​ your potential customers announcing your event and letting them know of​ the​ great travel vouchers they can win just for showing up to​ hear your presentation. Many times,​ you​ can buy vouchers for these types of​ events in​ bulk and for next to​ nothing,​ so shop around a​ bit before making your final decision.

Travel vouchers are definitely a​ great way to​ go when choosing your door prizes. Most often,​ people will have a​ choice of​ their destination,​ which makes the​ vouchers perfect for anyone. Even the​ pickiest of​ travelers can choose their own destination.
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