Travel Vacation In The Bahamas

If you're traveling to​ or​ planning a​ vacation in​ the​ Bahamas you​ might be interested in​ knowing a​ little about the​ area.

The Commonwealth of​ the​ Bahamas is​ an​ independent English-speaking nation in​ the​ West Indies. Where in​ the​ world are they? the​ Bahamas are located in​ the​ Atlantic Ocean,​ east of​ Florida in​ the​ US,​ north of​ Cuba and the​ Caribbean,​ and west of​ the​ British dependency of​ the​ Turks and Caicos Islands.

The Bahamas are a​ group of​ about 700 islands in​ the​ western Atlantic Ocean,​ of​ which only between 30 and 40 are inhabited. That may sound like a​ large place but on​ a​ comparison basis,​ the​ Bahamas are only slightly smaller than the​ state of​ Connecticut.

The largest of​ the​ islands is​ Andros Island,​ located 120 miles south-east of​ Florida. the​ Bimini islands are to​ its northwest. to​ the​ North is​ the​ island of​ Grand Bahama,​ home to​ the​ second largest city in​ the​ country,​ Freeport,​ Bahamas.

The island of​ Great Abaco is​ to​ its east. in​ the​ very south is​ the​ island of​ Great Inagua,​ the​ second largest island in​ the​ country.

A few facts and figures: Nassau is​ the​ capital and largest city,​ located on​ New Providence. the​ islands have a​ subtropical climate,​ moderated by the​ Gulf Stream. Most people are ethnic Christians,​ and English is​ the​ official language.

The islands are surface projections of​ three oceanic banks,​ the​ Little Bahama Bank,​ the​ Great Bahama Bank and the​ westernmost Cay Sal Bank. the​ highest point is​ only 2480 inches (just less than half a​ mile) above sea level on​ Cat Island; the​ island of​ New Providence,​ where the​ capital city of​ Nassau is​ located,​ reaches a​ maximum elevation of​ only 1,​457 inches.

The land on​ the​ Bahamas has a​ foundation of​ fossil coral,​ but much of​ the​ rock is​ oolitic limestone; the​ stone is​ derived from the​ disintegration of​ coral reefs and seashells. the​ land is​ primarily either rocky or​ mangrove swamp. Low scrub covers much of​ the​ surface area. Timber is​ found in​ abundance on​ four of​ the​ northern islands: Grand Bahama,​ Great Abaco,​ New Providence,​ and Andros. on​ some of​ the​ southern islands,​ low-growing tropical hardwood flourishes.

Although some soil is​ very fertile,​ it​ is​ also very thin. Only a​ few freshwater lakes and just one river,​ located on​ Andros Island,​ are found in​ the​ Bahamas.

The climate in​ the​ Bahamas is​ semitropical. They have only two seasons,​ summer and winter.

During the​ summer,​ which extends from May through November,​ the​ climate is​ dominated by warm,​ moist tropical air masses moving north through the​ Caribbean. Midsummer temperatures range from 70° to​ 93° F with a​ relative humidity of​ 60- 100%.

In winter months,​ extending from December through April,​ the​ climate is​ affected by the​ movement of​ cold polar masses from North America. Temperatures during the​ winter months range from 59° to​ 75° F.

Yearly rainfall averages 52 inches annually and is​ usually concentrated in​ the​ May-June and September-October periods. Rainfall often occurs in​ short-lived,​ fairly intense showers accompanied by strong gusty winds.

Winds are predominantly easterly throughout the​ year but tend to​ become northeasterly from October to​ April and southeasterly from May to​ September. These winds seldom exceed 15 mph per hour except during hurricane season.

Although the​ hurricane season officially lasts from June to​ November,​ most hurricanes in​ the​ Bahamas occur between July and October. the​ last hurricane to​ strike was Hurricane David in​ September 1979. Damage was estimated at​ US$1.8 million and mainly affected agricultural products. the​ most intense twentieth-century hurricane to​ strike the​ Bahamas was in​ 1929. Winds of​ up to​ 140 mph were recorded. Many lives were lost,​ and there was extensive damage to​ buildings,​ homes,​ and boats.

Don't let the​ hurricanes and heat scare you. the​ Bahamas are a​ wonderful place to​ vacation,​ any time of​ the​ year. Pick up your sunglasses,​ find your swim suit and call your travel agent today!
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