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Xi’an is​ in​ China’s fertile lowlands. it​ is​ most famous for the​ discovery in​ 1974 of​ the​ Terracotta Warriors,​ and is​ one of​ the​ world’s greatest archaeological sites. This city is​ home to​ one of​ china’s largest mosques and has been inhabited for over 6000 years.

Xi’an is​ probably the​ central most important city in​ Chinese history and so it​ is​ most famous for the​ large number of​ historic sites,​ and museums that outline the​ rich history of​ the​ area. Many dynasties both started and fell from this city.

There are five main museums in​ Xi’an. the​ Forest of​ Stele was setup during the​ Tang Dynasty and in​ 1090 during the​ Song Dynasty was turned into a​ Confucian temple. This museum now holds the​ oldest collection of​ steles in​ china. a​ stele is​ a​ stone that is​ stood upright and has been inscribed with calligraphy. There is​ so many of​ these stele’s that it​ is​ referred to​ as​ a​ forest!

Mentioned earlier in​ this article was the​ Terracotta Warriors. Well the​ Mausoleum of​ Qin Shi Huang and the​ Museum of​ the​ Qin Terracotta Figures display artifacts from the​ Qin dynasty including the​ terracotta warriors. the​ mausoleum was in​ fact an​ underground palace and it​ is​ said that 700,​000 people worked on​ its construction of​ 36 years. the​ vaults where discovered between 1974 and 1976. in​ 1979 the​ actual museum was constructed and the​ artifacts where put on​ display.

The three remaining museums that are of​ interest to​ tourists are the​ Big Goose Pagoda,​ the​ Small Goose Pagoda,​ and the​ Banpo Museum. the​ Big,​ Goose and Small Goose temples where built around 653 and 707 AD respectively and feature artifacts from the​ Buddhist monks and their scriptures. the​ Banpo museum was built in​ 1954 to​ cover and protect the​ site of​ five excavations and occupying an​ area of​ 33,​400 square feet.

Needless to​ say,​ Xi’an is​ an​ ideal place for those interested in​ the​ rich history of​ China to​ visit. Anyone wishing to​ plan tours or​ vacations to​ Xi’an would be well advised to​ consult with a​ travel agent in​ order to​ ensure they get the​ most out of​ their visit.
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