Travel To South America A Land Of Immeasurable Majesty

South America is​ a​ continent of​ extremes,​ and there is​ not just one,​ but thousands of​ reasons to​ explore the​ human and natural wonders of​ this remarkable landmass. South America's expansive human history is​ visible through some of​ the​ best preserved ruins in​ the​ world. the​ fusion of​ Spanish,​ Portuguese and native cultures is​ evident in​ the​ distinctive art,​ food and music of​ the​ 12 independent countries.

Though it​ was the​ last continent to​ be inhabited,​ South America has a​ long and delicate history of​ flourishing indigenous cultures before European arrival in​ the​ 16th century. Archeological sites in​ Peru reveal the​ practice of​ human sacrifice and other perplexing traditions by the​ Moche people who lived there 2000 years ago. South America's most illustrious ancient people,​ the​ Inca,​ held their capital in​ modern day Cusco and sprinkled the​ Andes with remnants of​ their terraced farming and architecture. Machu Picchu,​ at​ 7,​710 feet,​ is​ the​ best preserved and most breathtaking Inca town,​ well worth the​ 4 day hike along the​ Inca Trail (the less eager can opt for the​ train ride).

The Sky is​ the​ Limit
When it​ comes to​ breaking records,​ South America is​ the​ place to​ see. the​ massive north-south continent is​ spread through nearly every climate zone imaginable,​ which makes for very dynamic travel. the​ world's highest water fall,​ Angels Falls,​ cascades over 3,​200 feet in​ Venezuela's Canaima National Park. the​ Amazon River,​ which winds across the​ north through Brazil,​ is​ the​ largest river in​ the​ world by volume while the​ Amazon Rainforest is​ the​ largest existing rainforest. Travel along the​ Andes,​ the​ world's longest mountain range but make sure not to​ lose your way in​ Chile or​ you​ might end up in​ the​ driest place on​ earth,​ the​ Atacama Desert. Catch your breath at​ 3,​600 meters while visiting the​ highest capital city of​ La Paz,​ Bolivia. Then,​ gather your arctic gear and head south to​ Ushuaia in​ Argentina,​ which is​ – you​ guessed it​ – the​ world's southernmost city! Along the​ way,​ stop by the​ steppes of​ Patagonia,​ which happens to​ be the​ cleanest place on​ earth aside from Antarctica. South America is​ also home to​ the​ stunning diversity of​ Darwin's Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) and the​ most remote island on​ earth,​ Easter Island (Chile) with its mysterious stone head sculptures and an​ inexplicably large population of​ Pacific Islanders.

South America also offers the​ comforts and luxuries of​ modern metropolitan life in​ any of​ the​ countries you​ choose to​ explore. Pick up the​ pace in​ Brazil's bustling Rio de Janeiro or​ immerse yourself in​ the​ cosmopolitan chic of​ Buenos Aires,​ Argentina,​ while still gaining an​ appreciation for the​ past in​ these remarkable historic cities. From big city life and resort towns to​ tropical rainforests and mountain peaks,​ there is​ no better place to​ embark on​ your world travels than South America,​ a​ true melting pot of​ culture,​ history and geographic phenomena. For more information,​ visit,​ your source for cheap airfareon the​ web.
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