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South Africa is​ an​ extraordinarily unique sub-Saharan African nation jutting formidably – for sailors who have planned to​ round its cape – into the​ Atlantic and Indian Oceans at​ the​ southernmost top of​ Africa. the​ archeological evolution of​ humanity has been documented in​ South Africa,​ with a​ history as​ old as​ any on​ the​ planet. Even more,​ the​ wildlife and biodiversity of​ South Africa’s semi-arid plateaus,​ bush and coastline are possibly the​ most thrilling and rewarding in​ all of​ Africa. Explore the​ vibrancy of​ a​ multiethnic,​ forward thinking democracy interlaced with the​ splendor and community of​ traditional Africa!

The South African Identity – 11 Languages Strong
South Africa stands apart from the​ rest of​ Africa with its unique colonial origin that carried over to​ modern day. Those who travel to​ South Africa are often drawn by the​ fascinating multicultural immersion found in​ a​ modern country that is​ confronting racial issues head on. Dutch navigators and settlers occupied the​ area for much of​ the​ 17th and 18th century,​ importing slaves from India,​ Madagascar and Indonesia to​ make up for a​ labor shortage. the​ descendents of​ the​ resulting interracial marriages make up a​ large population of​ the​ Western Cape today (“Cape Malays”) and displaced much of​ the​ local Xhosa and Bantu people. the​ British ultimately colonized South Africa when the​ Dutch could no longer fight their own battles against native resistance.

After independence,​ the​ European minority remained in​ political control and apartheid ensued until 1994 when black Africans finally gained full political rights and enfranchisement. Interestingly,​ South Africa is​ the​ only African nation to​ be ruled by a​ continuous democracy and the​ first and only nation in​ the​ world to​ build nuclear weapons only to​ voluntarily dismantle the​ weapons program altogether.

Whales,​ Wine and Wetlands
Since the​ end of​ apartheid,​ it​ has been much easier to​ enjoy the​ spectacular sights of​ South Africa. From the​ busting city of​ Cape Town,​ hike the​ iconic Table Mountain National Park when the​ flat top is​ covered in​ an​ eerie layer of​ clouds or​ travel west to​ the​ Shipwreck Coast of​ the​ Cape of​ Good Hope where a​ graveyard of​ unfortunate naval expeditions are well preserved and add character to​ the​ stunning coastline. Also signature of​ South Africa’s coastline is​ the​ abundance of​ whales. Spend an​ afternoon in​ the​ seaside town of​ Hermanus,​ famous for whale watching,​ or​ take a​ guided boat trip to​ catch a​ closer glimpse of​ the​ majestic creatures. From here,​ a​ trip along the​ popular Garden Route winds through hidden nature reserves,​ tucked-away coastal towns,​ national monuments,​ indigenous forests,​ sea caves and borders the​ peaceful desert highlands of​ the​ Karoo. the​ Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park to​ the​ north is​ worth a​ visit to​ see the​ massive hippos rummaging quietly through the​ marsh. Unwind from your expeditions in​ South Africa’s prosperous and productive wine region northeast of​ Cape Town. Arrange for a​ stay on​ an​ estate in​ Stellenbosch and treat yourself to​ a​ tour of​ some of​ the​ world’s best wine,​ introduced by Europeans in​ the​ 17th century.

Most of​ the​ popular areas are in​ the​ Western Cape and along the​ coast,​ although more pristine wilderness and less urbanized indigenous culture will be found inland. Also,​ the​ commercial capitals of​ Johannesburg,​ Durban and Pretoria (the administrative capital) are exciting for their urban juxtaposition to​ the​ African wilderness at​ large. South Africa is​ a​ wondrous and historic land of​ global culture that has never been more accessible or​ enjoyable. Don’t miss out on​ this fantastic opportunity to​ explore the​ gem of​ the​ oldest and most diverse continent on​ earth!
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