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For new travelers who never been to​ Rome before could find out that it​ is​ very hard to​ imagine how Rome looks like and how to​ prepare themselves before visiting Rome. There are already plenty of​ this kind of​ information but this one probably the​ in-dept one that you​ are looking for. There are some good tips about what kind of​ attractions that you​ should visit when you​ are in​ Rome as​ they are particularly interesting even some of​ them may not be the​ highlighted attractions.

Rome is​ very well known among travelers of​ its attractive building,​ environment and fascinating culture. One you​ have a​ chance to​ visit Rome,​ you​ will be able to​ find out that Rome is​ not just a​ place for vacation and relax but it​ is​ also for anyone who wants to​ learn history and culture because Rome is​ the​ city that has very interesting history and diversity of​ culture. By visiting Rome,​ there are some tourist attractions that could not be missed.

General description of​ Rome
Rome is​ classified by tourists as​ one of​ the​ top destination of​ the​ world. This is​ because the​ weather in​ Rome,​ which climate mild and rainy in​ winter rather than full of​ snow,​ is​ usually accommodate all kind of​ vacation and activities,​ so these reasons make Rome can be visited throughout the​ year. Moreover,​ it​ is​ very easy to​ access in​ terms of​ immigration as​ you​ do not need visa to​ visit Rome unless you​ will stay for longer than 90 days period. the​ best time to​ visit Rome is​ anytime that you​ want but you​ should be aware of​ time during between October and March,​ when Rome in​ the​ off-peak months. When you​ decide to​ visit Rome,​ it​ is​ strongly suggest that you​ should find accommodation around the​ historic district.

However,​ before you​ go to​ Rome,​ it​ is​ also a​ good idea to​ make a​ forward planning of​ where you​ are going to​ visit and check list of​ what you​ have to​ do during the​ trip as​ this can help you​ to​ save time and money. Planning about transportation is​ also required,​ as​ there are many kinds of​ transport that you​ can choose,​ you​ may be taking Tram system,​ that goes around the​ city and it​ is​ strongly recommend for people who want to​ enjoy sightseeing tour.

There are some highlighted attractions that you​ just could not miss. They are kind of​ “symbol” of​ Rome and people who visited Rome but missed this attractions is​ considered as​ they have never visited to​ Rome. These attractions are Coliseum and the​ Roman Forum. Coliseum is​ the​ ancient stadium and it​ is​ the​ film shooting site of​ the​ movie Gladiator. However,​ the​ opening times of​ the​ Coliseum is​ not certain,​ depends on​ the​ time of​ the​ year,​ so you​ may have to​ check information before you​ visit. the​ Roman Forum is​ the​ civic center of​ Ancient Rome where citizen joined and discussed about economic,​ religious and political activities. you​ may hire a​ tour guide to​ provide more information about this attraction by pay just a​ little more money to​ get more knowledge.
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