Travel To Portugal A Land True To Its Past

Portugal is​ an​ exotic locale filled with unique treasures,​ and rich culture and history. It's truly a​ land worth visiting and experiencing first-hand. Perched on​ the​ western edge of​ the​ Iberian Peninsula,​ Portugal stands out among its neighbors as​ one of​ the​ oldest and yet most traditional and conservative European civilizations. Visitors can view 22,​000 year-old Paleolithic art on​ the​ rock faces of​ Vale do Côa,​ and human occupation of​ this region dates 500,​000 years back in​ time! the​ Celts settled here around 750 B.C. and were followed by Romans,​ Visigoths,​ and Greeks among others. the​ Moors enjoyed their infamous occupation from the​ 8th to​ the​ 13th Century and left their culture and ornate,​ whitewashed architecture as​ an​ eclectic signature on​ the​ Iberian Peninsula.

Today,​ Portugal's homogenous culture and dedication to​ tradition is​ largely due to​ Salazar's oppressive rule during the​ mid-1900s. as​ a​ result,​ visitors can enjoy a​ more culturally authentic stay in​ Portugal than any other European nation.

The north-south axis of​ mainland Portugal creates regions of​ dynamic terrain and unique specialties. the​ popular Douro Valley stretches 125 miles along a​ winding river and is​ famous for the​ string of​ port wineries at​ its edges. Cruises are now offered along the​ entire length of​ the​ Valley,​ beginning in​ Porto. the​ resort town of​ Lagos in​ the​ southern Algarve region attracts sun-seekers and history buffs alike. Prepare to​ be swept away by this hidden gem encircled by 15th Century walls.

Travel Portugal in​ the​ Atlantic
Two groups of​ islands off the​ Atlantic Coastline belong to​ Portugal and are a​ perfect and serene escape from the​ mainland,​ offering centuries of​ Portuguese history all their own and a​ look into the​ region's natural beauty. the​ Azores Islands archipelago lies 907 miles from the​ coast and is​ a​ haven of​ turquoise lakes,​ rolling green hills and sandy beaches. Monasteries,​ cathedrals,​ forts and ruins dating back to​ the​ 15th Century,​ when Portuguese navigators encountered the​ outcropping,​ are sprinkled about the​ islands. to​ the​ South,​ the​ enticing subtropical climate of​ Madeira Island and the​ surrounding volcanic archipelago is​ a​ bastion for adventure-seekers,​ resort luxuries,​ Madeira wine and untouched 15th Century architecture standing dramatically on​ seaside cliffs. Both of​ these secluded retreats are easily accessible from major airports on​ mainland Portugal.

Tips to​ the​ Savvy Traveler
Nearly all of​ Portugal works on​ Siesta time and 97% of​ the​ country is​ Catholic,​ therefore also affecting commercial hours and holidays. Most shops,​ banks and pharmacies are closed between 1pm and 3pm (yes,​ even in​ major cities). Make special note that museums also close in​ the​ middle of​ the​ day between 12:30pm and 2pm. Almost everything except museums closes by 1pm on​ Saturdays,​ and plan on​ simply eating and resting on​ Sundays when nothing is​ open. to​ plan your trip wisely,​ check the​ hours of​ operation of​ attractions you'd like to​ see before planning your trip or​ booking your room!

Lastly,​ be aware when traveling by taxi. Fare is​ metered within urban limits,​ but once you​ leave these boundaries,​ you​ will be charged by the​ kilometer in​ addition to​ the​ price of​ the​ driver's return trip to​ the​ starting point. When taking a​ taxi after midnight,​ negotiate the​ price with the​ driver before getting in​ the​ car,​ especially if​ you've been indulging in​ Port!

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