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India Travel Destination Tips
Are you​ in​ search of​ a​ vacation spot where you​ can find a​ lot of​ tourist places? Well,​ if​ you​ are,​ perhaps it's time you​ visit India .​
Tourists from different countries flood India and the​ main reason is​ because it​ offers fascinating and attractive tourist places that is​ so rich in​ history,​ culture,​ heritage,​ peoples,​ and sightseeing .​
You will surely need some travel destination tips when you​ visit India in​ order to​ have the​ best vacation ever .​
Some of​ the​ most popular travel destinations in​ India are here in​ this article .​
Make use of​ these travel destination tips to​ get the​ most out of​ your India travel .​
The very first place that you​ need to​ visit is​ Rajasthan .​
This is​ India's largest state in​ the​ west .​
You can find stunning palaces,​ forts,​ and monuments .​
If you​ love deserts,​ this is​ the​ best place .​
Royal stays are welcomed in​ the​ converted resorts and hotels which were before havelis and palaces .​
Some of​ the​ spots you​ can visit are Amber fort,​ Hawa Mahal,​ Jal Mahal,​ Jaisalmer fort,​ camel fairs,​ and camel safari .​

Next stop are pilgrimage tours .​
Many pilgrims take place in​ India as​ it​ is​ rich in​ cutlture and religions .​
Some of​ the​ pilgrim sites inlucde varanasi,​ haridwar,​ rishikesh,​ and amritsar golden temple .​
You can find architecture marvels that serve as​ a​ place for worship .​
If you​ like pilgrims,​ join one while you're in​ India .​
The third is​ wildlife tours .​
You can find around eighty national parks and more than five hundred animal sanctuaries .​
Those individuals who like wildlife can visir Kanha and Bandhavgarh sanctuaries located in​ Madhya Pradesh,​ Ranthambore and Sariska found in​ Rajasthan,​ and Uttar Pradesh's Dudhwa and Corbett parks .​
You can enjoy the​ safari tours and trekking in​ the​ different wildlife destinations .​
Yoga and Ayurvedic tours are also quite popular in​ India .​
You can have recreational holidays in​ India's ayurvedic hospitals,​ helath resorts,​ and colleges .​
In Kerala,​ you​ can find South India's ayurveda centers where you​ can spend some time to​ refresh your body .​
For those individuals who love foods,​ festivals,​ religion,​ and culture,​ you​ can go to​ South India .​
Aside from that,​ you​ can also go sightseeing of​ India's temples .​
The most popular is​ Taj Mahal,​ and then there's also Jantar Mantar .​
Taj Mahal is​ also called the​ 'monument of​ love' and it​ can be found in​ Agra city .​
This temple was built by Emperor Shahjahan for Mumtaz Mahal,​ his wife .​
You can also visit carved temples,​ majestic forts,​ and other architectural wonders .​
So there you​ have it,​ the​ greatest travel destinations that you​ can go while you're in​ India .​
You can surely create lasting memories there especially if​ you​ travel with your family or​ friends .​
Prepare for a​ grand vacation in​ India so that you​ too can visit the​ different tourist places there .​
It's one-time life experience that you​ shouldn’t miss .​
Try saving some money now so that you​ can make your dream India trip come true .​
These India travel destinations tips are very useful especially for first-time India visitors .​
You should prepare yourself before you​ actually go there so that you​ won't get lost and you​ know the​ right places to​ visit .​
Focus on​ the​ places that catch your interest so that you​ can make the​ most out of​ your time in​ India .​
Enjoy and relax because this is​ the​ time to​ savor the​ pleasures offered by such a​ very interesting place like India.
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