Travel Tips For Your Vacation Rental Trip To Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers pleasures for each one's taste. Thinking of​ an​ active holiday? Bulgaria has it​ - swimming,​ skiing,​ riding,​ climbing,​ hunting,​ fishing... Thinking of​ relaxing - amazing nature,​ sunny beaches,​ healing spas,​ monasteries and churches,​ hospitable towns and villages... Ancient culture,​ endless beaches and an​ emerald sea,​ high mountains with marvellous gorges and caves,​ clear lakes and rivers full of​ fish,​ wide valleys,​ healing springs,​ ancient culture,​ hospitable people,​ tempting cuisine and wines,​ diverse flora and fauna...

All accommodation places in​ Bulgaria have been categorised according to​ the​ 5-star international system. Privatisation has had a​ favourable impact and today the​ country is​ proud of​ hotels and restaurants that meet the​ modern world standard.

When you​ are ready for that once in​ a​ lifetime experience of​ an​ Bulgarian vacation,​ consider a​ private home rental for your source of​ lodging. Hotels can be nice,​ but staying in​ a​ private home rented for the​ occasion can give you​ a​ chance to​ see the​ real Bulgaria. Explore the​ countryside,​ walk into the​ village and visit with the​ residents,​ and see what it​ feels like to​ actually go home,​ to​ a​ cabin or​ villa at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ living as​ the​ Bulgarians do. Or,​ try a​ beach house if​ that suits you​ or​ an​ apartment if​ you​ prefer a​ more urban setting. Getting to​ know the​ local people by living among them for an​ extended stay of​ a​ few weeks will give you​ a​ chance to​ learn some of​ the​ language,​ or​ if​ you​ already speak Bulgarian to​ brush up on​ your skills. it​ will also give you​ a​ chance to​ learn local history in​ a​ very unique way,​ from the​ people themselves. you​ will appreciate all of​ the​ similarities of​ Bulgarian culture with your own,​ and learn to​ appreciate the​ differences as​ well. the​ Bulgarians are a​ wonderful,​ friendly people with a​ rich culture and history. Taking the​ time to​ live among them,​ getting to​ know them as​ friends and neighbors,​ is​ truly an​ experience you​ will always remember.

Private homes for rent to​ vacationers in​ Bulgaria can be found in​ various price ranges. if​ you​ are looking for luxury,​ there are villas available. if​ something more rustic suits your taste and budget,​ then smaller homes and even old farmhouses are available to​ appeal to​ all tastes. Just as​ an​ example,​ one property includes two bedrooms,​ queen size beds,​ kitchen,​ laundry area,​ bathroom,​ central eat and the​ satellite television,​ telephone and VCR that most tourists are used to​ having. Imagine though the​ coziness and comfort of​ coming back to​ the​ house after a​ day of​ sight seeing to​ sit by the​ fire place,​ drinking a​ glass of​ a​ local wine,​ having a​ light dinner of​ pasta,​ and enjoying the​ peace and quiet of​ your surroundings. Staying in​ a​ hotel in​ a​ major city will certainly show you​ the​ tourist hot spots,​ but staying in​ a​ private home will show you​ the​ real Bulgaria.

There are so many wonderful places to​ visit in​ Bulgaria like:
- Nessebar - beautiful small town on​ Bulgaria's Black Sea coast a​ few hours south of​ Varna. Another one of​ Bulgaria's many UNESCO world heritage sites.
- Sozopol - together with Nessebar these are the​ two sea towns with traditional houses and ancient dig sites.
- Bansko - a​ beautiful old village in​ the​ Pirin mountains with refurbished homes,​ stone wall,​ and cobblestone streets,​ but increasingly overtaken by resort hotels. Good place for skiing in​ winter and hiking in​ summer. the​ birthplace of​ the​ Bulgarian revival movement. if​ you​ want a​ true mountain village experience,​ there are a​ few other villages nearby from which to​ choose. in​ the​ beginning of​ august an​ annual Jazz festival is​ being held in​ the​ town. Skiiers and Snowboarders could find BanskoSki useful.

No visa is​ required for entry for citizens of​ the​ US,​ Canada,​ UK,​ Ireland,​ Australia and New Zealand.

However,​ foreigners have to​ register at​ the​ police after 72 hours. if​ you​ have booked with a​ travel agency,​ this will be taken care of. if​ not - usually,​ your hotel will handle the​ necessary paperwork (ask). if​ you​ do not stay in​ a​ hotel,​ you​ will need to​ go to​ the​ police and take the​ tedious task of​ registering on​ your own. Especially for UK and US citizens,​ Bulgaria is​ really cracking down on​ this. Failure to​ register might mean a​ 2000 Leva fine (about $1200 US). Also take care that you​ have an​ entry stamp in​ your passport,​ otherwise your exit could be quite troublesome.

Bulgaria offers tourist attractions all around the​ year. Most popular are summer seaside resorts,​ along the​ entire Black Sea coastline. in​ winter numerous ski resorts are there to​ attract tourists. There are many spa,​ trekking and historical destinations that offer incredibly rich variety of​ experiences.

There are hundreds,​ maybe thousands of​ mineral water springs around the​ country,​ so this is​ something you'd better taste and drink. Ayrian and boza are two traditional Balkan non-alcoholic beverages.
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