Travel Tips For Your Cycling Vacations In Italy

In this article we present common sense tips you​ can employ to​ ensure that you​ have a​ fun and safe vacation in​ Italy.

"When in​ Rome,​ do as​ the​ Romans do."

That's an​ old cliche,​ but it's true. When you​ travel to​ a​ different country you'll come across different ways,​ different customs. It's important to​ know a​ little bit about the​ culture before you​ visit,​ and of​ course there are common sense precautions you​ should follow where ever you​ travel.

Advance Planning

Do you​ need medications of​ any kind? Always bring the​ medication - and the​ appropriate documentation to​ prove you​ need it​ - with you. you​ may be able to​ get the​ same kind of​ medication in​ Italy - but then again you​ might not. Better to​ be safe than sorry.

Do you​ plan to​ do any driving? Find out if​ you​ can drive in​ Italy using your regular car license,​ or​ if​ you​ need to​ get an​ "international driving license.' if​ you​ are not familiar with international road signs - learn them before you​ go. While driving,​ check out your route in​ advance so you​ have some knowledge of​ where you're going before you​ try to​ get there. Know the​ rules of​ the​ road in​ Italy and what to​ do in​ case of​ accidents.

Make a​ list of​ the​ places and things you​ want to​ see before you​ go,​ and do research into them. Some events or​ museum exhibits are time sensitive,​ so you'll want to​ make sure you're going at​ the​ right time to​ see everything. Now that practically every museum and art gallery is​ online you​ can easily check to​ make sure if​ there'll be an​ exhibit you'll want to​ see,​ or​ if​ a​ gallery will be closed while you're visiting.

Can you​ get along without your cellphone? you​ may be able to​ get a​ special card in​ it​ to​ make sure it​ will work in​ Italy. Ask your service provider about that. Will you​ be bringing a​ laptop computer? Make sure you​ have transformers so that you​ can plug in​ batteries to​ recharge,​ not only for computers but also for other electronic devices. And not only will you​ need a​ transformer but also a​ converter - to​ make sure you​ don't burn out your appliance. Just because a​ plug fits into the​ socket,​ it​ does not mean the​ right voltage is​ going through it!

Site Seeing

You're in​ Italy,​ and you're seeing the​ sites. Depending on​ where you​ are,​ you​ will be in​ a​ crowd of​ other tourists. if​ you're traveling with family or​ friends make sure that you​ have contingency plans in​ case you​ get separated. Distribute your money in​ such a​ way that if​ you​ lose a​ wallet you​ will not lose your vacation.

Be aware of​ the​ rules for each site you​ visit,​ and make sure you​ follow them. Not all of​ the​ sites you​ visit will allow you​ to​ take pictures,​ for example,​ and if​ you​ are inside buildings such as​ art galleries or​ museums you​ will certainly not be able to​ use a​ flash.

If you​ enter a​ church,​ be as​ quiet and respectful as​ possible. Even if​ there are famous for their architecture and open to​ tours,​ worshippers are still there and should not be disturbed. Be careful about using a​ camera in​ this instance.

Dinning Out in​ Italy

It's a​ good idea to​ drink bottled water instead of​ the​ tap water,​ at​ any time of​ day. it​ will save you​ from any stomach unpleasantness.

There are some countries where you​ can go into a​ restaurant,​ order food,​ and get it​ "your way." This is​ not the​ case in​ Italy. Don't insult the​ chefs by making special requests to​ substitute or​ leave off an​ ingredient.

As you​ travel from country to​ country you'll find that different regions have different table manners. you​ may look odd,​ for example,​ if​ you​ cut your spaghetti with a​ fork - the​ Italians wrap the​ spaghetti around a​ spoon and eat it​ that way. However,​ so many tourists travel in​ Italy with so many different customs that it​ won't invite that much comment - you'll probably just be considered a​ tourist. if​ you​ are traveling on​ business - that is​ the​ time to​ make sure you​ eat your food the​ way the​ Italians eat it.

Italians like to​ linger over their food. you​ will not be presented with a​ check - you'll have to​ ask your server for it. Tipping is​ an​ accepted practice,​ and should be done in​ cash. Most of​ the​ dining restaurants in​ Italy are the​ sit down type with several different courses. if​ you​ want "fast food,​" a​ pizzeria is​ your best bet.

You'll enjoy your trip to​ Italy much more if​ you​ are familiar with the​ customs in​ advance,​ have plans to​ take care of​ every contingency,​ and know what you​ want to​ see and when you​ want to​ see it. Avanti!
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